In this tourist route from Minsk, we suggest visiting sights of Nesvizh and the region. On the way to one of the most popular among tourists cities of Belarus Let's stop at a few other great places. Churches, estates, ruins and much more await you. On this route, plan to spend a whole, despite the proximity to the capital. Many points and stops will be advisory in nature, and you decide what to see first.

What's on the way?

The road to Nesvizh passes along the M1 highway and diverges near township Energetikov in 2 possible ways. I recommend that you go first one way, and return the other - so you can capture more interesting places. One of the first possible stops is Dzerzhinsk. He talked about it in some detail in the article. sightseeing route near Minsk. Preserved in the city ancient church, Orthodox Church, Jewish heritage and even castle “Gashtoldova Gora”.

Church in Dzerzhinsk

Jewish cheder in Dzerzhinsk

Read more about each place at the link.

Stolbtsy, Novy Sverzhen, Vyshnevets and Novye Novoselki

Regional center - Columns, willy-nilly, will be one of your mandatory points on the route. All the attractions here are quite scattered and modest. But if you are interested in “everything-everything-everything”, then take note. Historically, the city was an important point for navigation and one of the main piers on the Neman in the late 18th - mid-19th centuries. Of the surviving sights, the dominant role is occupied by Church of St. Anne, a compact temple on a hill in the city center.

Erected in 1825 on the site of the church, pay attention to the interesting gate-bell tower.

Nesvizh regionIn the suburbs of Stolbtsy, the village of Zadvorye, is partially preserved farmstead “Kovalevshchina”. A small one-story house, surrounded by buildings of an abandoned boarding school.

Abandoned estate "Kovalevshchina" in the village of Zadvorye in the Stolbtsovsky district

Having traveled only a few kilometers highway P54 on Nesvizh we stop for sightseeing of the village New Sverzhen. Two architectural monuments adjoin on the main street - Church of Saints Peter and Paul, erected at the end of the 16th century and the former Uniate church - Assumptionbut has not retained its original appearance.

Sights of the Stolbtsovsky district

Nesvizh region

You involuntarily compare the architecture of these historical sites and, despite the restoration of the Orthodox church, you want to give external preference to the church, which really radiates”I built here centuries ago".

Another interesting place in New overthrowruins of a 19th century synagogue, which are located a little further from the temple.

synagogue (new overthrow)

The next attraction that will meet on this route will be Church of the Nativity of John the Baptist in the agricultural town Vishnevets.

Temple on the way to Nesvizh

In 2013, the temple was overhauled and now it is difficult to see several centuries of history in it. Only a fence made of old stone allows us to understand that we have a historical monument in front of us. Of course, this is subjective, but before the repair, the impressions of the temple were completely different.

We pass another settlement and in the village Petukhovshchina go left side New Novoselok. During my trips around Belarus, I developed a special love for the ruins. Such places attract much less tourists, but they have much more atmosphere. Ruins of an 18th century church Definitely on the list of places to visit.

New Novoselki cemetery

In the center of the old cemetery (partially Catholic with many Orthodox burials), there remains a part of the building, which in its history has gone from a church to a collective farm warehouse.

New Novoselki

It is currently an abandoned architectural monument.

By the way, this place was a branch Church of the Body of God in Nesvizh (Next stop).

Nesvizh and its sights

Of course, only the lazy have not heard about Nesvizh, and many sights of Nesvizh are well known, but you just can’t pass by. The Radziwill Palace itself, despite the stucco and decorative elements, was a real fortress, like Slutsk Gate, was created to protect the city.

About castle in Nesvizh There is a large separate material at the link. You can talk about it for a long time, if you have the opportunity - look inside, and ideally take a tour. (Entrance to the territory costs about 15 rubles)

Radziwill Palace from the air

The city itself is mentioned in the 13th century, and the origin of the name “Inconclusiveis still controversial today. A huge contribution to the development of not only Nesvizh, but the entire region was made by the Radziwill family, who owned the palace.

On the way to the palace, the second most important sight of the city awaits you - the Farny Church. Probably, in order for religion to occupy a significant place in the hearts of seekers, such temples are needed. Church of the Body of God really impressive and vintage castle tower only enhances positive emotions from what he saw.

Farny Church in Nesvizh

Farny Church in Nesvizh Belarus

Located in the very center of the city Town Hall, erected in 1596, but as it often happens in the history of Belarus, it managed to change more than once.

nesvizh town hall photography

Town Hall in Nesvizh

Next to the town hall, pay attention to the baroque house - this is the former craftsman's workshop from 1721.

Craftsman's house built in 1721 in the center of Nesvizh

The ordinary buildings of Nesvizh have been preserved, but it can hardly be called rich and bright. There are interesting brick buildings, and in the center there is a standard Soviet square.

Traveling in Belarus
urban development

muzei v nesvizhe

trip around Belarus

There are several monuments along Sovetskaya Street, including a memorial stone and a statue "The lion is the guardian of the city".

Traveling in Belarus

sights of Nesvizh

Earlier to Slutsk gate earthen ramparts approached, thus forming a post for all those entering from the east side. Now no one collects tribute and the gates perform an aesthetic mission.

Slutsk gate in Nesvizh

Slutsk gate photo

Closer to the water you can see sculptures on historical themes carved from wood. They offer a great view of the castle.

sights of Nesvizh

A special place in the city is the former Benedictine monastery, which was built with the direct participation of Radziwill Orphans and his wife Elzbieta Euphemia.

Other sights of Nesvizh

At the entrance you can see a unique tower - Brama-bell tower (belfry). There is now a college on the territory of the monastery and all students (and other individuals) pass through this gate.

Benedictine monastery brama-bell tower

gate-bell tower

The former church of St. Euphemia, it can only be seen from the back of the main building, the front part was completely rebuilt.

sights of Nesvizh

On the spot Jesuit Collegium, which was demolished at the beginning of the 19th century, barracks were built for Russian troops.

trip around Belarus to Nesvizh

The building retained its functionality until the end of the 20th century. Now there is a small Orthodox church, although no signs of habitation were noticed.

residential building monastery of the Bernardinesnow under restoration.

trip around Belarus

trip around Belarus

Near the Farny Church in 1982 was installed monument to Simon Budny.

Simon Budni Nesvizh

trip around Belarus
Church of the Body of God, small cat, Castle Tower

If you have time left, but you don’t want to end the trip, then it makes sense to drive off to the suburbs of Nesvizh - Alba. Once upon a time, there was another Radziwill estate, which, unfortunately, has not survived to this day. Only distillery, with beautiful stained-glass windows, as well as a heavily rebuilt manor house.

distillery Radziwill Alba

Manor Alba near Nesvizh

In addition to the trip (option one)

A few kilometers from Nesvizh there is a very curious place - the agricultural town of Snov. Here is a unique monument of architecture of classicism - Rdultovsky Palace.

The most interesting sights of Belarus

dostoprimechatelnosti belarusi snov

Behind the building of the manor-palace, military hospital 1928.

Abandoned barracks in Snov

On the outskirts of Again, another estate is located, but kind of Hartings. The 2020 fire severely damaged the building.

The Garting manor in the village of Snov

Agrotown Snov Belarus

In the neighborhood of the Garthing estate, you can see Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian.

Church in Snova

In the central part of the town is the Church of St. John the Baptist - according to information, it was founded in the middle of the 18th century.

Church in the agricultural town of Snov

In addition to the trip (option two)

If Snov does not appeal to you, the alternative is Kletsk, the distance is almost the same, but along the P12 highway. There are several notable places in the city. For example old hospital, from which three brick buildings survived.

Beautiful places in Kletsk

Neat buildings look very authentic. In the center of Kletsk there is a rebuilt church from church, whose facade is really closed by an administrative building.

What to see in Kletsk

Not far from the church, the building of the former Kletsk yeshiva “Etz Chaim”.

Kletsk Yeshiva

In addition, barracks have been preserved in Kletsk corps of the Border Guard early 20th century.

Barracks Kletsk

The way back and more sights along the way

You can return back in Minsk on the roads Р91-Р68-Р61, thus it will turn out to visit a couple of additional places. First stop - the village Bobovnya и ruins of Yanina Traskulyatska distillery.

vinokurny brovar

In contrast to the Nesvizh Castle and the Farny Church, these small ruins are inferior in all respects. But there is something in this place and it is very catchy with its history.


the village itself Bobovnya This is an example of how much history is valued in our country. What was created with enthusiasm and fervor, in some decades turns into a typical abandoned place.

Further - Trinity Church in the village Telyadovichi (this place belonged to the Benedictine convent). If you like wooden architecture, then you will definitely be delighted with this temple.

Telyadovichi church

Trinity Church Telyadovichi

Making a small detour, we stop at the village Nadnemanwhere they restore Narkevich-Iodko estate "Malyskovschina".

Already today you can see the restored gate.

Getting closer to Minsk, but worthy sights do not end there. On the way, you should look into the village of Pervomaisk (historical name - Kukhtichi). Here connoisseurs of trips around Belarus are waiting for Calvin collection late 16th century (!).

church pervomaisk

There are also preserved buildings from the former estate of Zawisze, whose family tomb awaits further along the route.

Gathering of Calvinists in the village of Kukhtichi

tomb is unique in its own way and resembles in shape a small Egyptian pyramid.

Chapel tomb in the city of Uzda

The exact date of construction of this unusual structure is unknown. Data diverge from 1800 to the middle of the 19th century.

Tomb of Zavishey Kukhtichi

And so this short but very eventful trip came to an end, of course, this is far from all the sights that the Nesvizh region keeps, we will return for the rest next time!

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