Monuments neogothic architecture on the territory of modern Belarus enough. The vast majority of which are churches late 19th - first half of the 20th century, but there are also estates and tombs. This article has collected 10 interesting and colorful templesmade in architectural style neogothic.

Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Vidzy

Where is: urban settlement Vidzy, Vitebsk region

Built: 1914 year

In some sources, there is another name - Trinity Church. In front of you is a temple with 2 multi-stage towers, a jagged pediment, vimperg, buttresses and pinnacles - all the attributes of neo-Gothic temple architecture. It is believed that in terms of height this church is the main competitor of Gervyatsky and probably takes an honorable second place.

Trinity Church in Vidzy

Church of St. Casimir in Lipnishki

Where is: in the agricultural town Lipnishki, Ivye district, Grodno region

Date of construction: 1910 (there are versions that it was completed only in 1927)

A one-tower temple, lined with square granite slabs, which adds to the architecture of the very medieval romance, which just personifies neo-Gothic.

Neo-Gothic Church of St. Casimir in Lipnishki

Church of the Holy Dormition in the agricultural town of Sarya

Where to look: agro-town Sarya, Vitebsk region

built: 1857 (initially the Church of the Virgin Mary, and since 1865 - the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)

Remembering the neo-Gothic style, you would not expect to see an Orthodox church on the list, especially such an unusual shape and without traditional onion cupolas. In fact, the reason is simple - initially Saryevsky temple It was built as a family burial vault for the Lopatinskys. However, after the suppression of the uprising of 1863, the building was transferred to the bosom of the Orthodox Church.

Former church in the village of Sarya

Peter and Paul Church in Starye Vasilishki

Where is: Starye Vasilishki village, Shchuchinsky district, Grodno region

date: 1903 year

Church in Starye Vasilishki interesting not only for its external appearance (which is really rich in neo-Gothic elements, which are worth as many as three vimpergas), but also for its interior decoration. In addition to numerous sculptures in the left nave, you can even see an artificial “cave”.

Neo-Gothic Church of Saints Peter and Paul Old Vasilishki

Trinity Church in Shilovichi

Where is: agro-town Shilovichi, Volkovysk district, Grodno region

Built: 1914 year

This bosom for many years claimed the title of the highest church in Belarus (probably takes 3rd place). The architecture is dominated by a massive tower with four tiers, each with its own unique decorative elements.

Neo-Gothic Church of the Holy Trinity in Shilovichi

Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Rozhanka

Where is the: agro-town Rozhanka, Shchuchinsky district, Grodno region

When was it built: the oldest temple in this collection is 1674. True, it acquired its neo-Gothic appearance only after a major restructuring in 1827.

Petropavlovsk church in Rozhanka often called the first building on the territory of Belarus in the neo-Gothic architectural style. As you know, it is almost impossible to confirm or refute this hypothesis.

What to see in Belarus - church in Rozhanka

Temple of Our Lady of Rozhentsova in the agricultural town of Peski

Where is: agro-town Peski, Mostovsky district, Grodno region

Built: 1918 year

Though this catholic church and has a rather modest size, but its shape resembles a small medieval castle. The unusual decoration of the walls, made of rubble stone, gives a special flavor to the building.

Neo-Gothic church in Sands

Church of the Holy Trinity in the town of Zelva

Place: urban settlement Zelva, Grodno region

date: 1913 year

Zelvinsky church - this is a real masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture in Belarus: high towers with a hipped roof, a complex pitched roof, full-wall lancet windows - only a small part of the list of elements worth paying attention to.

Neo-Gothic church in Zelva

Look excursion options in Belarus.

Church of St. John in Grodno

Where can you see: Grodno

When was it built: 1873 (building rebuilt in 1912)

Grodno church not only an interesting example of neo-gothic architecture, but also a rare monument for our country. There are very few surviving buildings of Lutheran churches in Belarus (there are three of them, but only the church in Grodno is active).

What is Kircha

Catholic Church of the Virgin Mary in Skidel

Where is: Skidel

Built: 1870 year

Skidelsky church It was originally built as a family burial vault of the Chetvertinsky family, which is why it has such compact dimensions. The temple is made of red brick (the most popular material for neo-Gothic architecture), single-nave with two round bell towers.

Church of the Virgin Mary in Skidel

Of course, this list of temples and striking examples of neo-Gothic can be continued. The Trinity Church in Gervyaty is deliberately not added here, which is known to everyone who travels even a little around Belarus. This temple has already managed to find people's love, as well as the title of the most beautiful church in the country.

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Andrey Makar
Andrey Makar
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Church of the Heart of Jesus 1907

Neo-Gothic Church of the Heart of Jesus in Stolovici