Speaking objectively about architecture of Minsk, then it can be called more modest and gray than bright and unusual. In the whole city, you can hardly find at least a dozen buildings that amaze with their appearance. But there are also quite interesting solutions. You want, for example, the architecture of Gaudí, but go to Barcelona no possibility? Then we go to the West 1 microdistrict - Odintsova street. Here is a complex of extremely strange houses (in a good or bad way, it's up to you to decide).

This quarter with elements of light acidic rococo and modern appeared on Odintsova Street about 15 years ago. And resonantly diluted the gray-panel architecture of the Frunze region. Yes, many will write that there is nothing unusual in these houses. Only bright colors and sloping roofs and only, but do not forget that all this is in Minsk. And our city has preserved the spirit of the Soviet Union, where the main color is gray.

neobichnaia architectura minsk

There are about 50 cottages and a couple of 3-4 storey panels on the territory of the complex.

The buildings themselves leave a double impression. On the one hand, bizarre architectural forms make you smile and marvel at the courage of the developer. How it was possible to coordinate this development in our bureaucratic organizations remains a question. On the other hand, we see that many years have passed, and some cottages have remained empty.

Houses on Odintsova - an unusual building in Minsk

The cottages have an almost unique feature for our flat region - a terraced layout. That is, from each floor there is access to a green terrace-plot, it looks good.

Another unusual place in Minsk is “dancing House", as well as list of classic sights of the capital.


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