If you are one of those who are tired of the classic attractions like museums and monuments, you will love our selection of the most unusual places in Minsk. Part of the list is the legacy of the USSR, and part is the result of the work of our time, the modest attempts of architects and caring people to bring something fresh to the look of the city.

Red courtyard on Revolutionary 7

If for Peter courtyards-wells are not uncommon, then Minsk not rich in such places. Therefore, it is not surprising that patio popular with photographers and creative youth. In the last year, they tried to either repaint the unusual place, or completely close it.

Futuristic houses on Odintsova

Unusual sights of Minsk from our list include several residential complexes. And the first - houses on Odintsova street. Space buildings are a little faded and not as bright as before, but still evoke emotions.

The house where the possible Kennedy assassin lived

Yes, the life story of the legendary criminal (or not a criminal) is connected with Minsk. Lee Harvey Oswald.

lee harvey oswald in minsk where he lived

Loshitsa park

For residents of the capital a place already familiar, but for those who came to Minsk for the purpose of tourism - a must see. There are several good reasons for this. First, it is beautiful in almost any weather. The second reason is that there are unusual places here. Manor, outbuilding, ruins of a chapel, distillery, outbuildings and ruins of a mill.

District "Osmolovka"

For many reasons, there are not many residential complexes with history in Minsk, especially in the center. A pleasant exception is the Osmolovka district, where small two-story houses have created their own atmosphere.

unusual places in Minsk

Water tower

Tower from red brick is in an abandoned state and will rather be of interest to those who love all sorts of abandoned buildings. But despite this, if you were looking for unusual places for tourists, then the building is unique. You can see it from the road, just passing by.

House of Freemasons

Freemasons are a society that is represented all over the world. Often their houses look unusual and stand out from the general building style. Once upon a time there was a Masonic lodge in Minsk. Read about old tenement houses.

House of Freemasons


On Griboyedova Street, 29, not far from the Stella monument in Tatarsky Square, you can see the Minsk mosque. Its construction was completed in 2011-12.

Manor Belaya Dacha of the Adadurov family

In the park of Kurasovshchina there is an unusual house - the former homestead the Adadur family. Surprisingly, there are few such places in the capital of Belarus.

belay dacha

Minsk is full of unusual places for tourists. If you do not want to look for sights on your own, then pick up an interesting excursion.


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