Grodno is one of the most interesting cities Belarus for tourism in which there are really many attractions. Those who already know and have visited all the main objects, like Kolozhskaya church и Farny church, I propose to see a list of less popular, but quite unusual places Grodnowhich are often overlooked.

House of Masons

address: Lane Telegrafny 15A

date of construction: 1783-85

architecture: late classicism

Initially, the house had only one floor and was built as a personal residence of the architect. Giuseppe Sacco. Meetings of the Grodno Masonic Lodge "Happy Liberation" were also held here, from where the name "Masons' House" came from. After the Second World War, a medical facility was located within the walls of this house.

House of Freemasons in Grodno

Manor Stanislavovo

address: Tereshkova street 29

date of construction 1760-70

architecture: baroque

Summer the estate of King Stanisław August Poniatowski. Today there is a branch of the Agricultural Institute.

Manor of King Stanislav August Poniatowski in Grodno

Manor "Avgustovo"

address: Repina street 5A

date of construction: the estate was originally built at the end of the 18th century

architecture: classicism

Another one residence of the last king of the Commonwealth in Grodno. Interestingly, the architect Giuseppe Sacco was also responsible for the construction. Unfortunately, the original version of the palace has not been preserved. The building that can be seen today is the former tavern, rebuilt into a manor in 1921.

Manor Avgustovo in Grodno

Sapieha Palace

address: Sovetskaya street 10

date of construction: 1795 (in 1970 the palace was completely rebuilt)

architecture: eclecticism

The most popular street in Grodno - Soviet. Almost every building on this street has an interesting history and is worth seeing. For example, house number 10 was once Grodno Palace Sapieha.

Sapieha Palace in Grodno on Sovetskaya street 10


address: Dzerzhinsky street 1A

date of construction: 1780 year

architecture: baroque elements

Another unusual place in Grodno is antique lamus of the 18th century. In 1939, the building was converted into housing, and in 1990 it was restored and acquired the status of an architectural monument. Today it houses a popular restaurant - "Old Lamus".

Lamus in Grodno

Chapel in the old cemetery

address: on Prigorodnaya street

date of construction: 1822 (rebuilt in 1907)

architecture: classicism/neoclassicism

Chapel at the old cemetery in Grodno

Sapieha-Brzostowski Palace “Batoryevka”

address: Karl Marx street, 1

date of construction: late 17th century

architecture: eclecticism/classicism

The building next to the Church of St. Xavier is considered one of the oldest secular buildings in Grodno. At one time, this palace belonged to the Pototskys, then to the magnates Sapieha, Brzostowski and many others. Each new owner made changes to the architecture of the 3-story building. From the second half of the 19th century, Batoryivka became the property of the merchant Lapin, who opened the Central Hotel here and also rented out premises. The modern history of the palace is already connected with the anatomical department of the Grodno State Medical University; for some time there was even a museum “Grodzenskaya Kunstkamera” working here.

Grodno Palace photo

Ancient Master's House

address: Ozheshko 37

date of construction: 1773 g

architecture: baroque/modern

The old house of the master in Grodno, 1763

Grodno church

address: 1st May street, 5

date of construction: 1873 (In 1912 the building was significantly rebuilt)

architecture: neogothic

Grodno has the only operating Lutheran Church in Belarus. A few years ago, the church was completely restored.

Lutheran Church in Grodno


address: Molodyozhnaya street 4

date of construction: late 18th century

architecture: wooden architecture

A unique building not only for Grodno, but for the whole of Belarus - spichler in the courtyard Brigitte Monastery.

brigitok spichler monastery

Brovar in the historical center

address: Józef Jodkowski embankment

date of construction: early 18th century (buildings rebuilt in 1877)

architecture: industrial

The building of the brewery brovar has been abandoned for many years. Repeated attempts have been made to restore this landmark, but so far unsuccessfully. Interesting fact: walls were partly used to build this factory Oginsky Palace.

Brovar in the center of Grodno

Tizenhaus Theater

address: Dzerzhinsky street 1, building 1.

date of construction: 1780 year

architecture: eclecticism

The unusual building was built to order Anthony Tyzengauz (he owned Palace in Postavy), as theater. In 1859, the volume of the building was increased, an asymmetric form appeared. In 1940, the 3rd floor was completed, and in 75 the stage and the auditorium were expanded. Here it is Grodno Regional Puppet Theater.

Tyzengauz Theater

Khreptovichi Palace

address: Sovetskaya street 10

date of construction: 1752 (rebuilt in 1790 and 1830)

architecture: late classicism

Today, the former Khreptovichi Palace houses the Museum of the History of Religion.

Khreptovichi Palace in Grodno

water towers

address: Sverdlov 2

date of construction: 1890 and 1910

architecture: eclecticism

Towers "Kasya and Basya" – it is difficult to name unknown sights, but they should definitely be included in the list unusual places Grodno.

Water towers in Grodno

Merchant Muraviev's House

address: st. Soviet 2

date of construction: late 19th century

architecture: modern

On the main tourist square Grodno stands an interesting three-story house that once belonged to merchant Ivan Muravyov. In different years, shops and administrative services worked here. It is planned that soon a small hotel will open in this building.

Merchant Muravyov's house in Grodno Sovetskaya 2

House of Vice-Governor Maksimovich

address: st. Ozheshko 3

date of construction: first half of the 19th century

architecture: classicism

House of the former vice-governor Maksimovich in Grodno

House of officers

address: along Ozheshko street 30

date of construction: 1933 year

architecture: constructivism

House of officers in Grodno

The oldest pharmacy in Grodno

address: Kirova 1

date of construction: 1709 year

architecture: eclecticism

The oldest pharmacy in Grodno

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