Novogrudok – a unique city, rich in a variety of attractions, but for those for whom classical temples and museums are not enough, I suggest adding to the list of “what to see” – unusual development first half of the 20th century. We will talk about the development that was carried out during the period of Interwar Poland, when administrative and residential buildings were actively erected in Novogrudok in a rather atypical Belarus architecture. Most of these buildings have been preserved in a conventional square between Mitskevich and Sovetskaya streets.

Zakopane houses in Novogrudok

Near the Novogrudok College there are 3 residential buildings in the so-called Zakopane style. They are one-story, with a complex attic and a high two-column portico.

Interesting development in Novogrudok

It was these types of house designs that were built en masse for Polish settlers in the 20s and 30s.

Old photos of Navagradak
1925 year

At that time, entire neighborhoods (colonies) were erected, but very few wooden buildings have survived to this day. Part of it was destroyed during the war, and the other part was demolished in the 50-60s.

Unusual wooden houses in Novogrudok

The fate of the inhabitants, who were basically Poles, often military, was sad. After Novogrudok became part of the BSSR in 1939, houses were forcibly confiscated, and “undesirables” were exiled to Siberia.

Old buildings of Novogrudok
1925 year

It is curious that in addition to the one-story building, there was also multi-story construction, with features of Polish Art Nouveau; such a house has been preserved at 15 Mickiewicz Street.

Old buildings in Novogrudok

What Novogrudok looked like in the 30s
photograph by Jan Bulgak, 1930, source:

Housing was built not only for ordinary people, but also, of course, for officials of all stripes. So in the photo below you can see the house of the head of the Polish administration (gmina), today various city administrations are located here.

Polish heritage in Novogrudok

Polish architect Jerzy Bale worked on the mansion project. The house itself is certainly beautiful, but is not special; exact copies of it were built in Slonim, Volozhin, Nesvizh, Baranovichi and probably in some other cities.

Old photographs of Novogrudok
photograph by Jan Bulgak, 1930

Right next door there is an interesting building that was erected as a Novogrudok voivodeship.

Interesting buildings in Novogrudok

The executive committee and some other city administrations work here.

Voivodeship building in Novogrudok
Kurier Poranny. 20.04.1934/XNUMX/XNUMX. From the archive of Syargei Martsinovich

A little further down the street is the building of the former national bank, built in the 20s and 30s.

Polish buildings in Novogrudok

Another example of Polish architecture in this area is the former railway station (now the bus station administration).

Bus station in Novogrudok

In the 20s Novogrudok They actively used a narrow-gauge railway, which, however, has not survived in any form to this day, and a modern railway track was never brought into the city. The place of the narrow-gauge railway was eventually taken by regular buses and minibuses.

Old photo of Novogrudok
photograph by Jan Bulgak, 1930

As a bonus, this list includes another unique building of the 20th century - the district court at 62 Minskaya Street.

Unusual buildings in Novogrudok

Old photo of Novogrudok
old postcard from 1930, photo from the website “Globe of Belarus”

Below is a point with the location of wooden houses from the beginning of the article:

Not far from Novogrudok there is an unusual Litovka Museum, which I recommend visiting if you are in these parts.


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