No one is immune from accidents on vacation or while traveling. In this article, we will figure out what to do if an insured event. Before moving on to the nuances, you should always remember - a lot depends on selected insurance. If your policy does not cover certain cases, then you need to act according to the circumstances.

Before traveling, always check not only the price of insurance, but also what it covers. Always consider multiple aggregators:



So you get the best option within your budget. Do not trust package insurances, they often contain the cheapest option with poor assistance.

Let's start considering typical situations if an insured event occurs.

  • You are ill, injured and feel the need for medical attention

The most important thing is contact your insurance. Usually all phones, chats and emails are listed on your policy. The operator will call you a doctor or tell you where to go, and also agree on payment. If you bought or plan to buy through Tripinsurance, then you can get advice from them through the application 24/7.

  • An insured event occurred, but they could not contact the insurance company.

In such cases, it is imperative to obtain a detailed report from the doctor (hospital). It should indicate the diagnosis, methods of treatment and maximum useful information. The most important thing is checks and bills. All information you will send to the insurance company for compensation.

  • Can I get reimbursed for medicines?

Yes it is possible. But you definitely need to have a prescription and doctor's prescription obtained in the country where you were going. Be sure to keep receipts from pharmacies, take pictures of prescriptions. All information will need to be sent to the insurance company.

  • What to do if the insured event - cancellation of the trip.

If this option is provided by your insurance policy, then you can receive compensation for the money spent on the trip. 

About canceling a trip and options from the Cherehapa service.

Rules from Tripinsurance

  • Flight delayed or canceled

Be sure to keep receipts for meals/hotels and other expenses. They will need to be submitted to the insurance company. Do not forget that your policy should have a “flight cancellation” column as an insured event.

If you do not have this option, feel free to contact the company Comepnsair.

  • legal aid

For various reasons, you needed the paid assistance of a lawyer (you were sued, an accident, etc.). Proceed by analogy with other points - keep all receipts, upon arrival at home there is an opportunity to receive compensation from the insurance.

  • Loss or loss of baggage, its damage and other

Most often, this option is additional and gives the right to compensation.

Travel insurance options

As you understand from this material, any insured event can be covered by the company that sold you the policy. To avoid trouble, always choose travel insurance carefully.

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Maria Kuznetsova
Maria Kuznetsova
4 years ago

That is, this Turtle service is a memo search engine? And suppose Tripinshurans is an insurance representative? So?