One of the largest and most beautiful forests in our country - Nalibokskaya Pushcha, located in the central part of Belarus. This amazing place gives everyone the opportunity to relax and touch real wild nature. In the forests of the Pushcha there are many animals, birds and insects, many of which are included in the Red Book. The territory of Nalibokskaya Pushcha, which is more than 2000 km2, has been included in the Naliboksky Republican Landscape Reserve since 2005. What you should pay attention to, where you can stay and what sights to see - let's figure it out.

Bison in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Often called the symbol of Belarus bison, - this noble animal can be seen in the forests and fields of the Pushcha.

Bison in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

In the middle of the last century, the number of bison in Nalibokskaya Pushcha was critically low; the animal was considered extinct from these territories. The situation was balanced only in the 90s, when 15 individuals were brought here from Belovezhskaya Pushcha. It was this small herd that became the basis for the revival of the Nalibok bison.

wild horses

Another unique inhabitant of the forest - tarpan horses, which were brought to Belarus from the distant Netherlands. These horses are descendants of the extinct tarpans, who once lived on the territory of the Nalibokskaya Pushcha.


The Pushcha is home to a huge number of birds, of which about 30 are included in the Red Book. On the territory of the reserve there are nesting places for the lesser spotted eagle, the black stork flies here, and along the river banks there are common kingfisher.

Kingfisher in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Of course, this is only a small part of the list of birds; great snipe, godwit, and curlew are also spotted in the forests and fields. You can meet wood grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse, almost all species woodpeckers, and also countless numbers of tits, birds of prey and waterfowl.

Capercaillie in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

What attractions are there in Pushcha?

Right in the forests of Nalibokskaya Pushcha there are picturesque ruins of Count Tyshkevich’s estate “Vyaloe”. A place with a rich history; Belarusian photography was once born here.

What to see in Nalibokskaya Pushcha?

It's next door abandoned sanatorium Lesnoye – this is for those who are interested in industrial tourism.

On the outskirts of the village of Kamen there is a natural monument - "Damn stone", as well as the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

In Petrilovichi there is the museum-estate of Felix Dzerzhinsky “Dzerzhinovo”, and in Naliboki there is the restored Church of the Ascension of the Virgin Mary and the brick St. Michael’s Church. If you increase the search radius, moving a little away from the borders of the Pushcha, then the list of attractions includes objects of the urban village of Ivenets. And this is gorgeous Church of St. Michael the Archangel, neo-Gothic Church of St. Alexiusand ruins of Plevako estate.

Near the M6 ​​highway, this is the very border of the Nalibokskaya Pushcha, the ancient city of Volozhin. One of the attractions here is the former Tyszkiewicz Palace и Church of St. Joseph.

On the southern side of Nalibokskaya Pushcha I recommend a village for visiting Wooden, where the temple of the first half of the 17th century is located.

The Pushcha is located both on the territory of the Minsk region and the Grodno region, so some of the attractions are located on the western side. For example, this is the legendary Lubcha Castle.

However, the list of possible places near Nalibokskaya Pushcha does not end there. From the north side it is worth stopping by the town of Vishnevo, where one of the oldest churches in Belarus awaits everyone - BlagoveshchenskyAlso Orthodox Church and ruins hunting residence Khreptovichey “Odrovonzh”.

Where is Nalibokskaya Pushcha located?

From Minsk to the Pushcha it takes about 1 hour towards Volozhin (M6 highway). There is an option to enter from Stolbtsy, along the P54 road, the journey will take about 2 hours.

Since the territory of the Pushcha is huge, it is best to focus on popular points. One of them - ecological trail “Belokorets”, here you can start getting acquainted with the Naliboksky reserve without stress and fuss. Below is a point with a location mark on the map:

What other animals?

The Pushcha is rich in a variety of animals; with some luck you can see: red deer, brown bear, moose, wild boar, foxes, raccoon dogs, foxes, roe deer and even martens.

Kazuli Nalibotskaya cannon

Beavers, otters and muskrats. In addition, the fauna is rich in minks, ferrets, stoats, hares, even a jackal has been recorded.

beaver eating photo

Excursions in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Rich nature and beautiful places have provided Nalibokskaya Pushcha with interest from tourists of all levels and interests. People come here with sightseeing tours and safaris, kayaking and hiking almost all year round and in any weather.

River rafting in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Tours vary in price and are suitable for the widest segment. Starting from 30 ruble walking tours and ending with expensive trips with overnight stays in exotic estates.

Isloch River Nalibokskaya Pushcha

Where to stay, sanatorium and more

Which is quite logical - if there is tourism, there is a demand for overnight accommodation. Unfortunately, the number of estate complexes does not cover all needs, but as it is, here is a small list of places where you can stay in Nalibokskaya Pushcha:

Eco-estate "Khutor Troki"

+375336735299, Sivitsa, st. Partizanskaya 1a

Estate “House on Isloch”

+375296777773, Belokorets village, 26

Estate “Nalibokskie cornflowers”

+375 (29) 313-78-64, Volozhin district, village. Belakorets, st. Podlesnaya, 16


+375 44 704 94 01

Ekasyadziba Navustsya

80297611506, Naust village

Where to stay in Nalibokskaya Pushcha

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