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Despite the developed transport links, due to circumstances, it is not always possible to buy a ticket on time and go to the intended destination. Renting a car can be too costly. But what if you also don't have a driver's license? Rides nobody canceled! "Vote" while standing on the road may be a way out, but too risky. Smart people have created a service that allows passengers find a ride and get where they planned, and drivers to earn some money. You probably already guessed that this is Bla Bla Car (Bla Bla Car). We will analyze how the service works, what reviews are written and how much it all costs.

When planning a trip, on this portal you can find people who are with you along the way. Millions of drivers are looking for passengers here, or it may be the other way around - passengers are looking for transport.

The site is easy to use. If you plan to travel to another city in your car, but want to save money, feel free to go to the Bla Bla Car website and suggest your route. You need to enter the city from which the trip will start and the destination. Don't forget to put the exact date and time. Passengers will be able to find your ad and contact you. You carry fellow travelers, and they pay you for the service. In the ad, you can set the desired cost of the trip.

If you are looking for transport, fill in the search fields and select the most suitable offer from the list. You can sort ads by date, time of departure and cost.

What is the benefit of Bla Bla Car?

Through the blah blah car portal Drivers Find Passengers That Recoup Gasoline Costs. Depending on the number of found passengers, you can recoup the trip in whole or in part. Yes, and to go in a cheerful company is much more fun than alone!

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Passengers also benefit. Well, when you can make a choice in favor of a particular transport. But often there are cities where it is extremely difficult to get due to the unclaimed route. On the portal, they can find convenient transport, a place of departure near their home, and even save a pretty penny (the conditions are more attractive when compared with public transport).

The cost of trips to Bla Bla Cara, as a rule, is lower than the usual fares.

For example, to get from Minsk to Moscow on the Ecolines bus, you will pay 52 rubles. The starting price from offers from beginners and experts on Bla Bla Car is 25 rubles.

From Minsk to Odessa can be reached for 43 rubles, this price was offered by one of the users at the beginning of July. To get to the resort by EuroTrans bus, you need to pay 70 rubles, Ecolines asks 85 rubles. Using Bla Bla Car you can travel for the same price round trip.

There are more complex routes on the portal. For example, find a ride from Bobruisk to go to St. Petersburg with a stop in Mogilev. The price of such a trip is only 37 rubles per person! Isn't it a reason to throw a couple of things in a backpack and finally see the drawbridges and fountains of St. Petersburg?

Or here's another great option! From Minsk to get to the resort Montenegro - Budva for 78 rubles. On the way look at To Warsaw, BRNO, Budapest and Bratislava. The sociable driver rating (based on reviews) is good - 4,8 out of 5.

And if your plans for this summer travel in Belarus, lots of options for you provided! From the capital to Braslava Ksenia and Kostya are ready to give you a lift for 9,50-11 rubles. On the bus, such a pleasure will cost 14-15 rubles.

One of the disadvantages of the portal, which you may have already noticed, is the currency. The blablacar ride is billed only in Russian rubles. Good thing there are currency converters!

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What are the advantages of Bla Bla Cara for the driver?

A fellow traveler can be found in any direction, even between small settlements.

Reviews about fellow travelers.

Opportunity to save on fuel for private individuals.

For commercial drivers - to increase the occupancy of the route and find new directions.

How to choose the most suitable option?

Bla bla car – a reliable community, the proof of which is the system of experience. Each registered user is endowed with a level of experience that is accumulated by his activity on the site. There are 5 levels in total: Beginner, Confident, Experienced, Expert and Ambassador. The more positive reviews about trips, provided information about yourself and experience on the site, the more advanced level is awarded.

Experienced Bla Bla Car travelers publish photo reports and talk about their trips in a blog on the site. The latest news of the service is also published there.

Need more useful travel sites - see here. But the here read about hitchhiking.


  1. It was necessary to somehow bring an electric piano to my daughter from Gomel (I didn’t have a car at that time) - so I went on a Multivan via Bla-Bla Car, we agreed. And it worked back and forth! Everything was done quickly, comfortably, in half a day! Yes, and an interesting person caught! Bla Bla Car rules!

  2. Have used this site several times. Was very satisfied! The price is always good, no problems arose. Now, if I go somewhere, first of all I look at blablacar, an excellent alternative to public transport + much faster, and of course at a better price.

  3. Once I tried to use the service (to find a ride) - I didn’t like it. I went to the Stavropol Territory, there - by bus, I found a ride back. The day before departure, he sent an SMS that the trip was canceled. As a result, the last day was spent trying to find a suitable transport. It turned out that there is an intercity bus, and I drove on it.

  4. All this is good, guys - saved time, money, cheerful company and an easy road. Everything looks great. What about security? You never know who you will go with. You don't know the rest of the people in the car either. Driver rating? Yes, it can all work. There were incidents of rape and attacks through bla bla car. How to protect yourself?

  5. Now on this site, in connection with its popularization, they began to place their ads under the guise of private traders, companies engaged in passenger transportation, which sometimes makes it impossible to find a normal option for minimal money. So, you need to be careful when choosing!

  6. Very comfortably! Used Bla bla car four times. I traveled from Samara to Kazan, from Kazan to Samara. From Samara to Saratov and from Saratov back to Samara. For each trip I gave no more than 1000 rubles. Insanely satisfied! It was always a pleasant company 🙂 I advise everyone! Blabla car superr!!


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