Sequoia National Park

Among the alpine meadows and mountains of California, 100-meter giants, sequoias, grow out of the ground. It's about Sequoia National Park. Here is the largest tree on the planet - sequoiadendron General Sherman, which is more than 2,5 thousand years old.

It is named after a military figure USA William Sherman. The diameter at the base of the tree is 11,1 meters, the height is 83,8. Such a giant is even hard to imagine.

How to get to the National Park?

Perhaps the only correct way would be car rental. As you know, the USA is a country of travel by car, so you only have to choose a starting point and book a car in advance. The most profitable option is to go from Los Angeles, the road will take about 3,5 hours.

Remember you need to drive in the navigator Sequoia National ParkAnd not Sequoia National Wildlife Refuge - these are 2 different places (although they make up one array) and it is easy to confuse them. Both are very worthy, but in this article the photo is from the first place.

Sequoiadendrons can reach such sizes due to their unique nature. The roots of the trees lie close to the surface and are branched, this allows the tree to find the necessary substances in the soil and water at a great distance. Under the thick bark, tons of water are stored in the trunk, and the chemicals in their bark repel pests.

It's worth watching the California Valley of the Giants live! Indeed, in this forest, with still small trees, Indians roamed several thousand years ago.

Through the efforts of naturalist John Muir, this area became a national park. The year of its foundation is 1890. Sequoia became the second national park in the United States, after Yellowstone.

The protected area covers an area of ​​1635 km² and hides many remarkable places.

Where to stay in the park?

Of course, there are several options, which will depend on your budget and your wishes. In any case, book accommodation in advance. If you use only Booking, then I strongly advise you to compare prices through this one serviceI think you will be pleasantly surprised.

It is better to choose a hotel a little away from the park, the price will be much lower.

Attractions of the Sequoia National Park

Among them are Moro Rocktowering in the west of the national park. The view from the 75-meter height of the park is impressive. You can climb to the observation deck of Mount Moro by stairs, passing 400 steps.

They climb the rock in another way - rock climbing. There are many lovers of extreme sports and beautiful views here, with the exception of the peregrine falcon nesting time (rock climbing is prohibited from April to August).

One of the most attractive sights of "Sequoia" - giant forest. Millennial sequoiadendrons grow in it, significantly prevailing in size of their relatives. General Sherman is also here, in the heart of the national park.

3 more trees, included in the list of the largest on the planet, grow in a giant forest - President, Lincoln and Franklin. One of the forest paths will lead you to the museum. In it you can get more information about the park, its inhabitants and sequoias. From the exhibits in the museum, pay attention to the cut of the sequoia and try to determine its age by the number of rings (if you don’t get tired of counting).

If your route will not pass through a tunnel in a fallen sequoia, try to change it. Tunnel Log cut into the trunk of a multi-ton tree and made the Sequoia a landmark. A road is laid through the tunnel, along which cars move quietly.

Unusual place in the national park - crystal (crystal) cave (Crystal Cave). You can visit it only as part of an organized tourist group. In addition to stalactites and stalagmites, you can see an underground river in the ancient cave. Touching anything is strictly prohibited so as not to disturb the ecosystem. Although, there are traces of vandalism in the cave.

Giant sequoias, which attract the bulk of travelers, do not grow throughout the national park. Most of it is occupied by the mountain ranges of the Sierra Nevada, flowering meadows with picturesque lakes, canyons and waterfalls. This place is ideal for hiking and family trips.

In the sequoias themselves there are small inhabitants - these are marmots. Well-fed animals have dug out a whole system for movement, which touches all tourists and annoys rangers.

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