National Library of Belarus in Minsk

Library them. Lenin or popularly called simply "Lenin" appeared in 1922 from the book collections of the BSU library. Until 1941, the library collections kept more than 2 million volumes, and the number of readers exceeded 15. During the Second World War, more than 80% of books were lost, most of which were taken to Germany, and the rest were simply destroyed. By 1948, the quantitative collection of the library was restored, but especially valuable manuscripts and early printed editions remained lost. At the end of the 90s of the last century, the number of readers numbered more than 90 thousand and the library building was not enough for such a large influx of people, so the government decided to build a new, large and modern building. So there was National Library of Belarus in the form of a diamond.

nacionalnay biblioteka minsk

The library, built on Independence Avenue, has added to the list of architectural symbols of Minsk. This 23-story structure of crystallographic form represents the value of the knowledge that mankind has collected in books. The building is covered with glass panels and during the day all its 24 sides sparkle in the rays of the sun like a real diamond. At night, when the natural light fades, the building's façade transforms into an LED screen displaying more than 20 different patterns, patterns, and inscriptions.

National Library

Architects National Libraries

Thanks to the 2 brave architects M. Vinogradov and V. Kramarenko, who in 1989 proposed a building in the form of a glass diamond, but built only in 2006, the unique buildings and structures of the world were replenished with another extraordinary building - the "crystal of knowledge" of the National Library. The central entrance to the library building is presented in the form of an open book with pictures and quotes from the Bible in 19 languages ​​of the world, and the building is crowned with an open observation (observation) platform built at a height of 73 meters. You can go up to the observation deck by the elevator, which is made in the style of a building with glass walls.

The National Library of Belarus is a high-tech building with modern technologies and an automated library system, so it can be safely called the intellectual building of the future.

The National Library is ready to receive visitors from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., on weekends it is open only until 8 p.m. The website of the National Library provides information not only on the schedule of work, but also shares the latest news, providing a huge range of information services and provides detailed information about the socio-cultural services provided by the National Library of the Republic of Belarus.

If you are traveling with children, feel free to take them with you. You will get indelible impressions from visiting the library, and professional psychologists of the children's room will take care of the children and believe me, all of you will be very pleased with visiting this unusual sight of Minsk.

Minsk, ave. Independence, 116

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Tatiana Zelenskaya
Tatiana Zelenskaya
9 years ago

Anyone who comes to the capital of the country, whether a tourist or a nonresident, wants to visit the national library of Belarus. Actually there is something to see! A huge selection of literature in electronic and not only versions! And what architecture inside and out! It combines innovations of the 21st century and a certain “comfort” of the national history of Belarus! Visit, you won't regret it!