Agree, now rare journey does without shopping Duty Free.  But the lack of information about prices and assortment in duty free is a problem that travelers face. After all, you want to save money and buy exactly those very favorite perfumes. And it was still impossible to find out in advance whether the necessary goods were at the airport and how much they cost, not to mention getting a discount.

In order to help tourists plan purchases and calculate the budget for duty free, a service was launched myduty free. On the site you can see the prices at a particular airport in advance, and pre-order. The goods that you check out will be collected and brought to the checkout in advance, so you will not waste time searching on the spot. And most importantly - thanks to the guaranteed discount purchase will cost you less.

To use the service and get a discount, go to Mydutyfree website, indicate which airport you are departing from (or which border you will travel through if you are traveling by car). The catalog of the store you need will open - in our case it is Minsk airport.

Then choose products, as in any other online store. First of all, we advise you to go to the Promotions section - goods with the most attractive prices are placed there. Don't miss a tab Top sales - It contains products that are bought most often.

Before adding items to the cart, you need to go through a quick registration, or log in through social networks.

Add the selected items to your shopping cart and pre-order. The creators of the service made sure that you do not have to fill out a large form.

Here's what to look out for when pre-ordering:

  1. Flights within the Customs Union (for example, to Russia) are considered internal. You will not be able to make a purchase in duty free if you are flying to Moscow or other cities of the Russian Federation.
  2. You will pay for the goods in the duty-free shop before departure. By that day, the price may have changed - you will pay at the price on the day of sale (and not on the day of pre-ordering).
  3. Pre-ordering in duty-free online can be done at least 2 hours before departure (1 hour if you buy at the border shop).
  4. If you plan to pay with a Halva installment card (relevant for passengers from Belarus), then Mydutyfree service discounts do not apply to such purchases.

To pre-order, you need to provide your name, phone number and email. In addition, you will be asked to enter  date and time of departure - as indicated on the ticket.

If you have partner promo codes or are a member of the loyalty program, you can get an additional discount. To do this, do not forget to enter the code or number of the loyalty card (for example, Belavia Leader).

You will pay for the purchase directly in the store - in cash or by card. All the information you need will be sent to you by email.

Don't miss the opportunity to save money using Mydutyfree service! By the way, you can view products and place an order through mobile applications for Android and iOS.

I hope this service for travelers was useful to you, see more interesting sites and applications here here.


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