Composer and author of Polonaise "Farewell to the Motherland" Mikhail Kleofas Oginsky at the beginning of the 19th century built in a small town the estate "Zalesye". Now it is the agro-town of the same name in the Grodno region, which in the past was owned by the famous family Oginsky. The manor and park complex originally consisted of a wooden house, a water mill and a barn. The buildings were surrounded by a beautiful garden with a pond. The project of the new Oginsky estate belonged to Mikhail Schultz, and the construction was supervised by the architect Józef Pousse from Vilnius.

The stone palace in the classical style with a greenhouse took 20 years to build, 1802 to 1822 years. The building is one-story with two-story side wings, the central part of the estate was decorated with a clock tower. A landscape park in the English style was laid next to the palace, for which many species of rare plants and southern trees were brought.

Ancient temples and pavilions were built in the picturesque parts of the park. Only one of them survived Temple of Amelia, which Michael named after his daughter.

In 1815, a small chapel, she was consecrated in the name of the Virgin Mary. In the 20s of the 20th century, it was reconstructed. Later, other outbuildings in Zalesye were also restored.

In the second half of the 20th century, Oginsky's estate became a nursing home. Later, it was planned to place a sanatorium here, but the idea never materialized due to lack of funds. Instead, the crumbling palace was mothballed, and until 2011 it was waiting for restoration. The restored manor house was solemnly opened in 2014.

Today the estate is a museum of Mikhail Oginsky, which exhibits a permanent exhibition. There is a hotel on the territory of the palace complex, there is a coffee shop.

The estate museum is included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Values ​​of the Republic of Belarus. You can visit it every day from 9 to 18, except for Mondays and public holidays. The box office is open until 17.30:8 pm. Contact phone: 1592 (45786) XNUMX (booking excursions)

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