In the suburbs Minsk, near the agricultural town Ozertso, spread over a vast territory Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. The ethnographic complex is an open-air exhibition. The main objects are wooden buildings traditional for Belarusian culture, which were brought to Ozertso from all over the country. Here you can see windmills (mlyn), several churches, ordinary buildings from the first half of the 20th century and much more.

Belarusian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life

Unusual museum near Minsk

Ideas about creating such a museum were first voiced in 1908, but circumstances did not allow such a project to be implemented then. The next time the need to preserve traditional wooden architecture will be discussed in the 60s, and immediate implementation will begin in the mid-70s.

Mlyn in the Ozertso Museum

Museum of Folk Architecture Ozertso

Today, the total fund of the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Ozerets is about 40 large-scale exhibits, plus hundreds of household items: books, shoes, clothes, various equipment and much more. Various events, themed shows and festivals are constantly held. There is a souvenir shop and a stylized tavern; you can book a tour or listen to an audio guide.

Interesting museum near Minsk

Museum in Ozerets

The entrance ticket to the museum territory costs 10,5 rubles per person, There are discounts and promotions for children and pensioners. There are many options for excursions and additional services. The museum works with 10: 00 to 17: 00, keep in mind that Monday and Tuesday are days off, below is a point with the location of the complex on the map:

Another interesting museum near Minsk that I recommend visiting is Zaslavsky Museum “Belarusian Malyavanki”.

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