One of the important attractions of Novogrudok is museum Polish poet of Belarusian origin – Adam Mickiewicz. The house-museum is located in a family estate, which was restored according to the forms and architecture of an authentic building. In addition to the estate complex in Novogrudok there is Mitskevich mound and a full-length monument to the poet.

House Museum of Adam Mickiewicz in Novogrudok

It is curious that the museum began to function in the first half of the 20th century; the official opening took place on September 11, 1938. However, during the Second World War, the Mickiewicz estate was destroyed along with the entire museum exhibition. The first attempts to rebuild the museum were made already in 1955, but the building acquired a more complete appearance only after restoration work that was carried out in the 80s.

monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Novogrudok
The monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Novogrudok was erected in 1992

Today, the Adam Mickiewicz House Museum consists of 5 exhibition halls plus a small gallery. During the excursion you will be told about the different stages of the poet’s life and shown portraits of relatives and family.

Museum in Navagrudok

In addition, it is interesting to look (and even climb) to the Mitskevich Mound, also known as the “Mound of Immortality”. It began to be poured back in 1924, and the work was completed 7 years later. What’s interesting is that they were able to raise money for this mound through donations.

Mound of Adam Mickiewicz Novogrudok

At the foot of the hill there is a massive boulder with a sign: “The mound was poured in 1924-1931 by Adam Mickiewicz.”

Novogrudok mound

The museum is open from 9:00 to 18:00, closed on Mondays. The entrance ticket costs only a few rubles, but I recommend additionally taking the services of a guide to learn the story of Adam Mickiewicz. Below is a point with the location of the museum on the map:

If you are in this city, I recommend checking it out unusual development of Novogrudok.

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