In the village Vorotsevichi, Ivanovsky district, it will be interesting to visit museum dedicated to life and work Napoleon Orda. This man was a great enthusiast and philanthropist, who is remembered in history as an artist and composer. You must have seen his drawings sights of Belarus, and if you think that you haven’t seen it, then remember, for example, an old bill 100 000 rubles with the image of the Nesvizh castle - this is just his work. Why did the museum appear in Vorotsevichi? It's pretty simple, I was born and raised here Napoleon Orda.

Museum dedicated to Napoleon Orda in Vorotsevichi

The museum complex in Vorotsevichi consists of several separate buildings, what is higher in the photo is directly Museum of Napoleon Orda. Thematically divided into 5 zones, where many works of the legendary traveler and household items are presented. Unfortunately, you will not see the original paintings, most of them are kept in Poland and by various collectors.

Museum in Vorotsevichi

Museum in Vorotsevichi

Walking through the halls and peering into the works of the Horde, you will definitely guess one or another landmark of our country. Some places have changed beyond recognition and their original appearance can only be recognized thanks to the works of the author.

Vorotsevichi Museum

Exhibition at the Napoleon Orda Museum

In addition, the museum tells about the childhood and adolescence of Napoleon, emigration to France, excavations at the site of the Red Court tract (there is now a restored manor Ordov).

Museum complex in Vorotsevichi

The museum opened in 2017, the entrance is paid, but it is quite inexpensive, if possible, take the services of a guide, you will definitely not regret it.

Picture gallery

The first building that meets on the territory is district art galleryopened in 2007. Here are the works of local artists, many of whom followed the path of Napoleon Orda and depict iconic architectural buildings, landscapes, and national life.

Museum of Napoleon Orda in Vorotsevichi

Art gallery in Vorotsevichi

This part of the museum also has several thematic halls, the expositions may change, so I will not describe them.

Museum in Vorotsevichi
The picture shows church in Pruzhany

The works are diverse, so it will definitely be interesting to see.

Art gallery in Vorotsevichi

Art gallery in Vorotsevichi

The third part of the district museum in Vorotsevichi, the most recent, is located in a manor house, a little away from the village.

Manor Ordov in Vorotsevichi

The museum is open daily 9: 00 to 18: 00there is a break for lunch. For convenience, you can call in advance and clarify on excursions (landline numbers +375 1652 9-19-59, +375 1652 5-00-43).

I recommend visiting Ivanovo (Yanov), where the only one in Europe is located monument to Napoleon Orda.

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