In Grodno, on the street Eliza Ozheshko, you can visit the eponymous house-museumdedicated to the creative activity and life of the famous writer. The museum is housed in a building built in 1976, which repeats the appearance of the original house, which Elzbieta moved into in 1894 after her marriage to Stanislav Nagorsky. Here she lived a productive 16 years doing charity work, creativity and art.

Eliza Ozheshko Street in Grodno

If you look closely at the old photographs of the first half of the 20th century, it becomes clear that the original building was located a little closer to the road. Another interesting point is the name of the street on which this attraction is located. During the life of the writer - Sadovaya and Muravyovskaya, and in 1920 the street was renamed in honor of Eliza Ozheshko. It is interesting that this name has survived to this day without being replaced by something more Soviet (although there was such a precedent: in 1939 the street was called Leninskaya).

House of Eliza Orzeszko old photo
old postcard from the first half of the 20th century, source: ebay

The museum presents various exhibits and interior items, but books are of the main value, some of which even remember the hands of the legendary writer.

Museum of Eliza Ozheshko in Grodno

Eliza Orzeszko House Museum

Monument to Eliza Ozheshko installed in 1929, although they planned to do this back in 1911. Initially, the bust on a high pedestal was located near the Grodno theater, where it stood until 1941. For some time, the monument disappeared from sight, according to rumors, it was moved to old catholic cemetery, where, by the way, Elzbieta Pavlovskaya is buried.

monument to Eliza Ozheshko in Grodno old photo
1929 photo, source: Narodowe Archiwum Cyfrowe Poland

In 1947, the monument was reconstructed with a solemn installation in a new place - the intersection of Telegrafnaya and Ozheshko streets, where it remains to this day.

Monument to Eliza Ozheshko in Grodno

The place is significant not only for tourists, but also for local residents, for whom it became a meeting point and was simply called “at the stone mother”. The museum is open daily from 10 to 7 pm (on weekends until 18:00), entrance is paid, it is possible to order a detailed tour.

If you are in Grodno, be sure to check out Church of Francis Xavier and the oldest church in the city Boris and Gleb Church.

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