Late spring 2023 in the city Zaslavl A unique museum of folk art was opened. The main part of the exhibition is devoted to carpet painting (dyvankoў), which was actively practiced by artists throughout Belarus. Museum of “Belarusian Malyavanka” located within the walls of a building that was once part of the Przezdecki manor complex.

Alena Kish Zaslaue

Yazep Drozdovich creativity

The museum consists of 2 spacious halls. The first is conventionally dedicated to temporary exhibitions and works by a variety of artists. There are Nikanor Zosik, Ippolit Vorsa and many unknown authors.

What to see in Zaslavl?

Museum near Dyvanko near Zaslau

The main hall pleases visitors in 2 parts. One talks about creativity and life Alena Kish - artists from the Slutsk region.

Alena Kish Museum

Sumny leў

Works by Alena Kish

The second part of the main hall is carpet painting from one of the most mysterious masters of Belarus - Yazep Drozdovich.

Jazep Drozdovich Museum

Museum in the city of Zaslavl

Unusual museum in the city of Zaslavl

Most of the works presented in the museum are from the 30-50s, the last century. This period is considered a kind of heyday. After the 60s, hand-painted carpets lost popularity, and factory-made products began to take their place.

Museum of Belarusian Malyavanka Zaslavl

Belarusian Malyavanka Museum

Many handmade ones went into attics or even trash bins. Therefore, preserving such naive art is truly not an easy task.

Museum of Dyvanko Zaslavie


Museum in Zaslavl

The creation of the museum and its entire exhibition is a vivid example of the merits of enthusiasts and art connoisseurs who have been collecting carpet collections since the 80s throughout Belarus. The work to find new exhibits does not stop today.

Belarusian Malyavanka Museum

The Belarusian Malyavanka Museum is open from 9:00 to 17:30, except Mondays (day off). The entrance ticket costs 5 rubles, the excursion is 20 rubles per group, there are discounts. The museum is located near the Belarus railway station on Dachnaya Street 13, below is the location on the map:

If you're in Zaslavl, I recommend checking it out ancient temple, founded at the turn of the 16th century and Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary.


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