In an old place Yaznolocated between two picturesque lakes Yelnya swamps in the north of Belarus in the Miory region, appeared muraldedicated to local attractions. The mural was created by the artist Sergey Klimkovich according to the sketch Denis Khodas. The initiative is being implemented by the Miory District Executive Committee in partnership with a public organization (APB) and the Latvian Rural Forum and funded by the European Union.

Yazna beauty: a new mural in the north of Belarus
photo: Sergey Rezev

- When developing the sketch, I took into account the wishes of local residents- said Denis Khodas. - They wanted to reflect the local flavor, culture, history, so that people who come here pay attention to this. Everyone was captivated by the idea to create a mural, and there were many proposals for a sketch. We settled on those ideas that won the vote.

The place for the mural was also chosen appropriately: the local House of Culture, which is located at st. Lesnaya, 2.

- Mural in Yazno - this is the last such work within the framework of the project “Together for Community and Nature: Miory District”, – said Sergey Rezov, APB tourism development specialist. - As in all previous murals, the plot is associated with the place where it is depicted. A beautiful girl appeared in Yazno in festive local clothes “Disna system”, which were worn in the northern part of Belarus in the 19th century. The girl walks among the apple trees, and this is also no coincidence: every year in Yazno the local festival “Apple Spas” takes place. The inscription "Yazna" is adjacent to the date of the first historical mention of the town. And, of course, one cannot fail to notice the emblem of the Miory region, also developed as part of the project. Thus, the mural includes elements of the past and the present..

During the work of the artist, the residents watched the process with interest, how facial features, fragments of the plot appear from the initial markup, and the image begins to appear.

Mural in Yazno
photo: Sergey Rezev

- The residents were happy, then even jokes began, they say, the girl resembles someone's wife- shared the artist Sergei Klimkovich. - This experience of cooperation was pleasant for me, I was well received, the place itself is interesting, I advise everyone to visit it.

Be sure to take this advice: visit hospitable Yazno and include travel to other places with conceptual murals created as part of the project in your itinerary: Miory, Crossing, Disnu и Poviat'e.

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