Niagara, Iguazu, Victoria... Povyat'e! В Belarus there is also a waterfall, where nature and man have tried. To find him, before it was necessary to do almost a detective search or to have acquaintances among the locals. But now in the village Poviat'e, Miory district appeared on the school building mural with the image of the famous waterfall on the river Vyata and a map to help tourists find it.

mural at the Poviat school
photo: Alesya Basharimava

Mural created street art Evgeny Sosyura In the project's boundaries “Together for community and nature: strengthening the development process in the Miory district through partnerships between local authorities and civil society”, which is implemented by the Miory District Executive Committee in partnership with a public organization (APB) and the Latvian Rural Forum and funded by the European Union.

Where is the waterfall located in Belarus?

The picturesque waterfall on the Vyata River has an interesting history. At the beginning of the last century, a paper mill was built nearby. At first, a mill was attached to it, but there was not enough energy for its operation, and a hydroelectric power station was built on the river bank. It provided energy not only for the plant, but for the entire region. In order for the hydroelectric power station to work more efficiently, a two-meter stone wall was erected in the channel of the Vyata. This is how the waterfall appeared, where today many tourists strive to get. But the power plant has not been working for a long time.

- The waterfall on Vyatya is located not far from Poviat, but sometimes tourists have to wander, so on the mural I depicted not only the waterfall itself, but also a map with entrances to it- said Yevgeny Sosyura. - It worked great: the weather helped, and the people who spoke positively about my work.

Waterfall in Miory district mural
photo: Alesya Basharimava

Come to Posyatya, take a selfie with the mural and go see the waterfall! And to make the trip even more interesting, visit Miory, Perebrodye and Disna, where cool murals have also been created thanks to the project.

- All these murals are very different, but in one way or another they are connected with the place where they are painted., says the development specialist Tourism Sergei Rezov. - Disna has a portrait of Yazep Drazdovich, who went to the local gymnasium, in Miory, since it is a regional center - all the main sights of the region are depicted. As for Poviatya, then, of course, the main tourist location of this area is a waterfall on the Vyata River! The mural turned out to be very picturesque. Now tourists can find out several options for the route to the waterfall and choose any of them to admire the sight and take pictures against its background..

Discover places that surprise you: the Miory region is rich in them.

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