Top 12 animated films that you forgot about, but in vain!

If you like good animation, then pay attention to our TOP - cartoons that everyone forgot about. We have compiled a large list of worthy animated films with high ratings and excellent reviews.

1. Secret of N.I.M.H. - 1982 (film search 7,7)

The cartoon tells the story of a mouse, Mrs. Brisby, who lives on a farm with 4 mice. Having lost her husband and not having time to recover, she is overtaken by a new misfortune - her youngest son Timothy falls ill with pneumonia. Timi is very weak, he needs peace and cannot be transported, but the farmer, on whose land the mouse family lives, is going to plow the field before the frost, so the heroes cannot stay here. Mrs. Brisby is trying to find a way out of this situation and goes to Big Owl for advice. He advises to seek help from the rats from NIMX.

As a child, this cartoon left a great impression. Maybe in places it looks gloomy, but it only paints it. From the first minute you begin to empathize with the main character and hope that she will cope with all the hardships.

2. Great mouse detective - 1986 (KP -7,7)

London, 1897 On Baker Street, in the house of Sherlock Holmes himself, lives a mouse detective - Basil. His passion is to unravel the most difficult cases. One day, the little mouse Olivia turns to the detective and talks about her misfortune. Her father, Toy Craftsman Flaversham, was kidnapped right in front of her eyes. Basil, along with his new partner, a former military doctor - David Dawson, go in search of Olivia's father.

One of the first cartoons I watched on VCR. Perhaps that is why it has become one of my favorite animated films! But I think that both children and adults will like it even today.

3. Cats are aristocrats (1970), kinopoisk 8,1

Madame Adelaide Bonfamily lives in a huge mansion in Paris, along with his beloved pets: the cat Duchess and her kittens. The butler Edgar also works and lives in the house. One day, Madame Adelaide invites a lawyer and announces her desire to leave her fortune to cats, but their conversation was accidentally overheard by Edgar, who claims the inheritance. Outraged and dissatisfied with this situation, the butler secretly steals a cat with kittens and takes them out of Paris. This is where the adventures of aristocratic cats begin.

Watching is a pleasure, especially if you like cartoons about animals.

4. Rescuers (1977), 7.7 on film search

A girl named Penny throws a bottle with a note into the sea, where she asks for help. The bottle is found by the worldwide organization “Relief and Rescue Societies". But this organization is not simple, it consists of mice. Mice from all over the world gather at the headquarters to decide how to save the girl. Miss Bianca volunteered to help. She also took in assistants - Bernard. So begins the fascinating and touching story of this cartoon that everyone forgot about.

For those who like it, we recommend watching the continuation of “Rescuers in Australia”.

5. American tail (1986) - 7,6 KP

The story originates in the town of Shostka, Glukhovsky district, Chernigov province at the end of the 19th century. During the celebration of Hanukkah, there is an anti-Semitic raid on the village. Jewish family mice Myshkeviches loses his home. They decide to try their luck at America. The main character, a little mouse named Fievel, was, by an absurd accident, separated from his family just before arriving at their new home - New York.

Did you know that a big mouse lives in America from Minsk? When viewing this picture, you will not only be told about it, but also shown! A very worthy picture that well conveys the spirit of that time and tells about the difficult lot of emigrants who are faced with a reality that is not like their expectations.

6. Troll in Central Park (1994) - 7,2 on film search

There is a world inhabited only by harmful and vicious trolls. They have the gift of turning everything to stone with their thumb, but Stanley the little troll is not like all his brethren. His thumb is also endowed with power, only this power turns everything into living plants. For this, Stanley is expelled and sent to a deserted, stone planet, on which our hero will remain forever. But by a lucky chance, the stone planet turns out to be not so stone after all! The fact is that Stanley was in New York, in Central Park, where he first meets a human, a little girl named Rosie.

A kind and colorful cartoon that shows how important it is to love, appreciate and respect our flora and fauna.

7. Oliver and company (1988) - 7.9 CP

On one of the streets New York distributed kittens. Dismantled almost everyone except the red-haired baby - Olivera. Left all alone and barely survived a terrible night, by a lucky chance, the kitten meets the stray dog ​​Dodger. The dog takes the baby under his wing and shows all the delights of a wandering life. But one day Oliver finds himself in a rich house and finds the love of the girl Jennifer.

Cartoons that everyone forgot about

The cartoon is based on the classic English novel by Charles Dickens "The Adventures of Oliver Twist".

8. All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989) - 7,9 from KP

Action takes place in New Orleans, in the early 40s. A gambling dog named Charlie Barkin dies at the clutches of his pit bull companion Tuporyl. Charlie goes to heaven, but he is categorically not satisfied with this outcome. On earth, the dog has a lot of unfinished business, and one of the main ones is to take revenge on Tuporyl for his betrayal. Charlie cunningly manages to start his life clock, with the help of which he returns to the world.

If you like movies about gangsters, then you will like this cartoon. And there is also a good sequel to “All Dogs Go to Heaven 2”. As a child, I liked the second part even more.

9. Fox and dog (1981)

A young fox becomes an orphan after hunters kill his mother. Owl Mommy helps him get to the farm of a kind widow named Tweed. The new mistress gives the fox the name Tod. One day, he meets the puppy Copper, who lives next door, and a strong friendship develops between them. However, Copper is a future hunting dog and his prey will be mainly foxes.

cartoons that everyone forgot about

The cartoon is strong, it touches upon the issues of growing up, one's purpose in this world, differences of opinion and how all this affects friendship.

10. The Land Before Time (1988) - 8,0 KP

The plot of the cartoon takes place in prehistoric times, when the planet was inhabited by dinosaurs. A drought begins on the earth, but there is a legend about a place called the Great Valley, which is considered Eden for herbivorous dinosaurs. Little long-necked Littlefoot goes in search of this place. Along the way, he meets four small dinosaurs, and together they go on a fun and dangerous journey.

The Land Before Time is an American animated adventure film series from Universal Pictures centered on dinosaurs..

11. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949) - 7,2 CP

If you recall the cartoons that everyone forgot about, then this work simply must be included in the list. The cartoon consists of two parts, each of which tells an independent and complete story.

cartoons that everyone forgot about

The first of them tells about the mischievous frog Toad. Every day he has a new hobby that takes up all his time. One day, having driven a car, he decides to use all his savings to buy it, and when this is not enough, he decides to steal.

The second part of the cartoon tells how a man named Ichabod Crane. He gets a job as a teacher at a local school and asks for the hand of a young girl. It seems that life is beautiful, but one day he encounters the mystical Headless Horseman.

For this cartoon, the Golden Globe Award was awarded to the best cinematographer.

12. Robin Hood (1973) - 8,1 CP

“Robin Hood and little John walked through the forest, discussing this and that, laughing merrily. They remembered the past, played the fool, Tili-tili, trali-vali, what a wonderful day!

I think that everyone is familiar with the story of the famous Robin Hood. He worked with his gang of "Merry Sherwood Rogues" in the forest, near Nottingham - robbed the rich, giving what they got to the poor.

I hope you enjoy our list - old forgotten cartoons! See also the collection cartoons for adults too.


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