One of the business cards Mozyr - it is small wooden castle on the settlement “Castle Hill”. The version that can be seen today is a kind of replica of the defensive fortress of the 16th century.

Mozyr Castle on the hillfort "Castle Hill"

Mozyr Castle on the hillfort "Castle Hill"

In addition to the fortress walls and towers, an Orthodox church was built in the center. Church of the Holy Savior. Mozyr Castle was constantly expanding and growing. However, in 1649 the fortress fell under the onslaught of Janusz Radzivil. Radziwill, who captured Mozyr, burned the castle to the ground.

Settlement in Mozyr

The new history of the castle began quite recently - in 2005, on the occasion of the anniversary of the city. It was decided to recreate a wooden fortress on the ancient settlement.

Church in Mozyr

A local history museum has been organized for residents and guests of the city, and small thematic exhibitions have been collected in the towers. The main emphasis is on household items and various paintings.

Pursuit in the fortress of Mozyr

Bogdan Khmelnitsky Mozyr

There are also rather ambiguous exhibits, such as stuffed animals.

Exhibition in Mozyr Castle

Periodically, thematic events and fairs are held in the fortress. Usually they are timed to coincide with city holidays.

Mozyr fortress

Castle and settlement in Mozyr

Castle in Mozyr

In addition, the walls of the Mozyr castle offer the best view of the city. That is why it is worth visiting the fortress.

View from the fortress to Mozyr

Mozyr Castle is located on Gora Kommunarov street 8. The entrance to the territory is paid, it costs about 3 rubles. Working hours from 10: 00 to 19: 00 (Monday from 11:00).

What else to see in Mozyr? Located next to the fortress Cathedral of Saint Michael the Archangel. On Ryzhkov street - abandoned hospital, early 20th century.

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