high is a city rich in history, located on the Pulva River. One of the attractions complex of buildings of the Bonifrat monastery. The monks of this order devoted themselves to the care and treatment of the sick. The monastery in Vysokoe appeared with the support and initiative of Alexander Sapega (Polotsk voivode and Lithuanian chancellor). Construction began around 1773 year, then this area was called Marijampol.

The former monastery of the Bonifrats in Vysokoe

Monastery "Good brothers" designed by the personal architect Sapieha - Jan Samuel Becker. The complex included a hospital, cells of monks, outbuildings and St. John's Church (1785 year).

The former monastery of the Bonifrats in Vysokoe

Housing of the Bonifrat Monastery in Vysokoe

Today, only a few buildings have survived from the entire complex. The long building is the body of the former monastery. In size, it is about 120 meters, two-story. The central part is highlighted by a pediment with false columns. Perhaps under a layer of paint, an authentic wall painting has been preserved.

What to see in Vysokoe

The Bonifrat monastery operated in the city of Vysokoe until the middle of the 19th century. Some sources indicate that the monks disappeared without a trace and simply left the hospital. It is much more likely that the monastery was closed after the uprising of 1830 or 1863.

Bonifrat Monastery Vysokoye

In Soviet times, the monastery buildings were used for storage needs. As a result, the whole territory resembles one large garage.

The former monastery of the Bonifrats in Vysokoe

In 2015, they tried to sell the building at auction for a very reasonable amount, $4500. Unfortunately, there were no volunteers, so the “Good Brothers” abode continues to be a local garage cooperative.

High former monastery of Bonifratov

In the territory Belarus Bonifrat monks also had monasteries in Novogrudok, Rakov, Minsk and Grodno. However, the most surviving option is located in Vysokoe, right at the entrance to the city from Volchin.

If you are in the area, I recommend visiting the Potocki estate и Trinity Church.


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