One of the oldest architectural monuments of Molodechno is building of the former monastery of the Order of the Trinitariansbuilt in the middle of the 18th century. The construction of the monastery complex was carried out with the direct participation and assistance of Tadeusz Oginsky (grandfather of the famous composer Mikhail Oginsky). A wooden church was also erected next to the residential building, in the crypt of which some representatives of the Oginsky family would later be buried.

What the Trinitarian Monastery in Molodechno looked like
1928 year

The monastery was handed over to the Trinitarian monks in 1762 and since that time it has become an educational institution. First as a parish school, then as a gentry school, and since 1864 as one of the first teacher's seminaries.

Molodechno Trinitarian Monastery

Like many similar monasteries in the territory Belarus, Molodechno was closed after the defeat of the 1830 uprising. Here, even for some time after that, the first post office of Molodechno worked.

Former Trinitarian monastery in Molodechno

Church of the Trinitarians destroyed during the Second World War, in subsequent years, the ruins of the temple were dismantled. The monastery building was used for a long time for the needs of a machine-tool plant. On the walls of the monument there are several tablets with information about the prominent representatives who studied here.

Memorial plaque Molodechno, monastery

The building itself is mothballed and is located on the territory of the plant, but if you ask at the checkpoint, they will most likely let you in to see it.

Where was the Trinitarian Monastery in Molodechno

Former Trinitarian monastery in Molodechno

You can find this attraction in the historical part of the city, not far from monument to the founder of Molodechno and monument Stalag 342.

If you are interested in the history of the city, then look at the place where it was Gelenovo memorial arch.


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