Once upon a Time Orsha could rightly be called city ​​of monasteriesHowever, today only a few buildings with information shields on the rebuilt facades remind of those times. So in the central part of the city located Monastery of the Trinitarian Order with a massive Trinity Church.

Attractions in Orsha

Orsha Monastery built in 1714 through the efforts of the Sakovich brothers (Vladislav and Adam). The first buildings were wooden, but in the second half of the 18th century they were rebuilt from stone. Like most Catholic monasteries on the territory of Belarus, this one was closed in 1832 by the decision of the Russian authorities. Trinitarian Church significantly rebuilt, and then re-consecrated to the Orthodox Resurrection Cathedral in 1836 year.

Resurrection Cathedral on the site of the Trinitarian monastery
Photos before 1918

The monastery complex was handed over to the needs of the local hospital, having completed the construction of an additional building for this.

Trinitarian Monastery in Orsha

With the advent of the Soviets, the cathedral repeated the fate of its Catholic predecessor and was closed. In 1930, a major restructuring of the building began in flying club. Instead of domes and towers, the walls were decorated with portraits of Stalin and Lenin.

Aeroclub in the Resurrection Cathedral of Orsha
photo before 1935 from Uladzimer Sadowsk's electronic archive

Although even in this building one could see the original architecture of baroque and classicism.

Former Trinitarian monastery in Orsha

After the end of the war, half-destroyed, the flying club building stood abandoned for a long time. They did not engage in its restoration, and, like many other places of worship in the city, they decided to blow it up. So in 1960 this architectural monument ended its history, preserved only in old photographs.

What did the Trinitarian Monastery in Orsha look like?
1943 photo from Uladzimer Sadowsk's electronic archive
Trinitarian Monastery in 1944
photo of 1944, in front of the entrance to the flying club there was a statue of Lenin

The monastic corps of the Trinitarians were more fortunate. Since the end of the 50s, the State Archives of the Vitebsk Region have been located here.

Corps of the Trinitarian Monastery in Orsha

In the early 2000s, the reconstruction of the building began, after which Orsha registry office.

Trinitarian Monastery in Orsha

The Trinitarian Monastery in Orsha is easy to find, for this go to the street Komsomolskaya 21.

Next door look former residential corps of bernardine monks и basilian on the other side of the Orshitsa. In the city center there is an interesting ethnographic museum in the water mill, as well as restored Dominican church.


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