On the outskirts of the city Sopotskin there is an old Catholic cemetery where you can see two neighboring chapels-tombs. The one to the left belonged deacon, and the one on the right - Gursky. Both of these clans were well known in the Grodno region and made a significant contribution to the development of the region.

Catholic cemetery in Sopotskin

Sopotskin Belarus

Chapel-tomb of the Dyakonskys

This tomb was built by Evstavy Dyakonsky in 1868 for his deceased wife Yulia. The deacons were representatives of the petty nobility and owned an estate Balla Big.

Chapel-tomb of Dyakonskaya in Sopotskin

Yevstavy himself was buried in the same chapel at the end of the 19th century, through the window you can even see a commemorative plaque: “Sons and daughter-in-law who grieve after the loss of their beloved father".

Tomb of Dyakonskaya Sopotskin

In terms of architecture, the chapel belongs to the pseudo-Gothic style, stands out with a triangular shield on the facade with a small tetrahedral turret. The windows and the entrance are lancet, the walls are lined with stone from small chips.

Unusual chapels in the Grodno region

Chapel-tomb of the Gurskys

Nearby is the family chapel of the Gursky family, built a little later - in 1873. This family owned about 11 estates in the Grodno region, including the town of Radzivilki (Sviatsk Gurskih).

Chapel-tomb of Gursky in Sopotskin

Many sources indicate that the date of construction of the tomb is 1893, but this is probably a mistake, since there is a date plate on the facade.

Tomb of Gursky in the village of Sopotskin

He was engaged in the construction of the family chapel-tomb Peter Gursky for his father Jozef. Subsequently, he and his son will also be buried in the cemetery in Sopotskin.

Chapel in Sopotskin

The Gurski tomb was built in the Neo-Gothic style, the facade is decorated with three turrets, complex niches and cornices.

Ancient places of Belarus

The Catholic cemetery itself is no less interesting than the tombs. For example, near the gate, pay attention to the stone figures.

What are the statues near the cemetery in Sopotskin

Statue of Saint Sopotskin

And in front of the chapels there is an unusual crypt, where relatives of the Dyakonskys or Gurskys are possibly buried. Here are the graves of Polish soldiers killed in 1939. Slightly in the distance is the tomb of General Jozef Olszyn-Wilczyński.

Crypt in the old cemetery

A street with the beautiful name Tealinskaya leads to the cemetery from the center of the urban village, an exit near the Sopotskinsky Forestry, below is a point with a mark on the map:

In Sopotskin it is worth visiting Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and, if possible, visit the Pysanka Museum. Another big attraction in the area is Valovichi Palace and Park Ensemble in Svyatsk and of course the Augustow Canal.

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