In Grodno you can see one of the oldest Catholic cemeteries in Belarus, formed in the last years of the existence of the Commonwealth - in 1792. A little later, in 1822, in the center of the Farny cemetery, a small chapel designed by architect Karl Bagimele (he also completed the project of the Grodno City Hall).

Catholic chapel in Grodno

Many representatives of the prominent Grodno intelligentsia of the 19th century are buried in this cemetery (although there are both earlier and later graves).

Catholic cemetery "Farnoye" in Grodno

A famous writer is buried here Eliza Ozheshko with her husband Stanislav Nagorsky.

Grave of Eliza Ozheshko in Grodno
Grave of Eliza Ozheshko in Grodno

This cemetery has the grave of the architect Giusepe Sacco, who was noted for many projects in Grodno (including the reconstruction of Royal Castle, construction Palace of Stanislavovo and estates of Tyzengauz). Buried here Boleslav Shishkevich, - a master and sculptor who made many tombstones, including those located on this necropolis.

Catholic Grodno cemetery

The cemetery chapel was rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1907, a small belfry tower was completed, which added Neo-Gothic notes to the classical architecture.

Chapel at the old cemetery in Grodno

Catholic cemetery "Farnoye" in Grodno

Of course, such an old cemetery simply could not help but acquire various rumors and legends: here is another restless panna walking around in white robes, an old woman turning into a crow, soldiers rising from their graves. And this is only a small part of such stories.

Old graves in Grodno

On the outskirts of the cemetery one can see another mysterious, but already modern, object - the Grodno "Dracula's Castle". In fact, there is no mysticism in it. The house is an ordinary cottage from the 90s, which was built on a grand scale, but could not be completed.

Dracula's house in Grodno

In addition to unusual architecture and a rather strange location, the house has the title of the tallest private house in Belarus.

Strange abandoned house in Grodno

You can find the Farnoe cemetery at the intersection of Podolnaya and Prigorodnaya streets, below is the point with the location on the map:

Next to the Catholic part of the cemetery there is also an Orthodox one, which I also recommend to see.

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