Mir castle included in the list of the most popular sights of Belarus. To visit this place is included in the plan of any guidebook for our country. A lot of mystical mysteries and legends have created an attractive aura and an attractive atmosphere to this place. This article has collected photos, useful information, history, as well as videos and a list of excursions.

Sights in Belarus - Mir Castle

Mir Castle how to get from Minsk

Distance from center Minsk to the urban village of Mir - 97,6 kilometer. By car, the journey will take approximately 1,5 hours. It is optimal to go along the M1 highway to the sign for the “Mir Castle” exit, so you will get to the regional road P64. There will be no difficulties, there are enough landmarks to the castle along the way.

Mir Castle how to get from Minsk

You can also take a bus from the central station. The first departs early in the morning at 6:40, the last at 18:10. The ticket price is about 6 rubles.

Mir castle

About Mir Castle

Mir castle began its history at the beginning of the 16th century and is rightfully considered an excellent example of a defensive and fortified complex middle ages. The walls of the original building were about 13 meters high and about 3 meters thick at the base.

Worthy of special attention Mir castle towers, which are decorated with numerous niches and ornamental belts.

Towers of the worldly castle

Towers of the worldly castle

Today, only the southwestern, entrance and main towers have retained their original Gothic features. Other parts of the castle complex received the forms and decor of Renaissance architecture.


Mir castle included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list. It belonged to many famous families who contributed to the political and cultural development of this place and Belarus as a whole. Among them Ilinichi, Radziwills, Wittgensteins and Svyatopolk-Mirskys.

All the owners of the castle treated it with care, trying to keep it in the best possible condition, improve it and add new elements and buildings.

courtyard castle world

Each war left behind devastation in these places, starting from the Great Northern War.

Ilyinich and Radziwill Castle in Mir

Mir Castle many times it was destroyed, so it was in the late 90s, but in 2010 the castle was completely restored.

Today, Mir Castle of the Ilyinichs and the Radziwills is a cultural heritage site with a well-developed infrastructure.

Mir Castle excursions

Mir Castle Architecture

Thousands of tourists come here every year and this place can be called the most popular attraction in the country. Like many medieval castles, Mir Castle Complex associated with many legends that the locals love to tell.

Legend of the Mir Castle

For example, one of the legends is associated with a stone located in one of the walls on the south side of the castle. Outwardly, it resembles the head of a ram. There is a saying that if you get this stone, then the entire castle in the World will collapse and the land on which it is located will become desolated. It is believed that this “head” is a talisman that protected the building from ill-wishers and enemies.

peace castle

Still wandering around this castle ghosts, and treasure hunters are still trying to find a secret underground passage between Mirsky and Nesvizh castle. There is an opinion that full-length sculptures of the twelve apostles made of gold and silver are hidden in it.

Castle in the World Belarus

People are still afraid to approach the cursed Mirskoye Lake, on the site of which there used to be a flowering garden. It is believed that the lake was cursed by a stranger: “Let as many people drown in this pond as there were trees cut down”. Since then, its water has taken many lives.

about the castle

Mir Castle tour options

Excellent local and Minsk guides will be happy to conduct individual and group tours for you. List with prices below:

Remember that the World is not only the heritage of the Ilyinichs and the Radziwills. In the urban village you can still see bosom и церковь.

In addition, dozens of worthy sights of Belarus. What is it worth church in Ishkoldi и Radziwill's estate in Polonechka.

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Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
3 years ago

Love for traveling around Belarus often begins with the Mir Castle, but I confess I have never been inside and have not taken an excursion, but it was probably worth a try. By the way, if you do not like a large number of tourists, then go in winter, the castle is also very beautiful at this time

Sasha Poshykovich
Sasha Poshykovich
2 years ago

See how the castle was shown quite accurately in the anime Code Geass

Mir castle was shown in the anime Code Geass