Minsk is a unique city, which over the past 100 years has radically changed in its architecture, somewhere for the better, and somewhere rather controversial. Therefore look at old photos iconic places and streets Minsk at least it’s interesting, but to compare how it was and how it turned out, I added current photographs taken from almost the same angles.

What did the old city of Minsk look like?
Old pasta 1918

“Red” church was often captured by photographers both 100 years ago and today. The architecture of one of the main Catholic churches in the capital has remained unchanged, but the buildings around it have changed quite a lot.

Photos of Minsk sights

Another famous Catholic church in Minsk, Cathedral Church of the Virgin Mary, has also survived to this day, but it has been affected by the most dramatic changes. In 1951, the building was rebuilt into a sports complex, and this historical object was restored in the 90s.

What the Church of the Virgin Mary looked like in Minsk before
krynitsa: be.wikipedia.org, zdymak da 1930

A modern photo clearly shows that this complex has lost its curious tower; the construction dates back to the heyday of the Jesuit monastery (the tower was erected in 1750).

Photos of Minsk, Belarus

In a later photograph, post-war, but still before the reconstruction of the church, this tower can be seen dilapidated.

View of the old synagogue
yes 1950

The angle also attracts attention. cold synagogue, which was located just between the modern building on Freedom Square 17 and the Nemiga 3 shopping center, this is what the place looks like now.

Where was the Cold Synagogue in Minsk?

When talking about the sights and places of worship in the central part of Minsk, one cannot ignore the Upper Town. The bottom photo shows the rebuilt baroque Church of St. Joseph.

What the Church of St. Joseph looked like in Minsk
1916 year

Nowadays, the object has been restored and houses the archive-museum of literature and art.

Church of St. Joseph in Minsk

And here is an old postcard from the first half of the 20th century, which shows part of the Bernardine monastery, the rebuilt Church of St. Joseph, shopping arcades and Cathedral of the Descent of the Holy Spirit.

Shopping arcades Minsk old photo

Same angle.

Where were the shopping arcades in Minsk?

And here is a general view of the Upper Town, old Nemiga and the Svisloch River.

What old Minsk looked like

Modern perspective:

View of the Svisloch River in Minsk

A curious view of Zybitskaya Street from the former Basilian monastery.

View of the old center of Minsk

It is easy to compare the old and new photographs based on the Gostiny Dvor building, which survived the entire 20th century and was not destroyed.

View of Zybitskaya Minsk

Most of the streets in Minsk have changed their historical names, and some have been radically rebuilt; the photo below is just such an example - Kirova Street.

History of Magazinaya Street
Prykladna 1943, krynitsa: RGAKFD. P-3439 b/w.

Finding a place and angle was quite problematic; the best landmark was the Svisloch River.

Where did Magazinnaya Street end in Minsk?

Walking along the river, along Yanka Kupala Street, one could cross the bridge into the Governor's Garden.

View of Minsk - old photo
Pashtouk yes 1917

Today it is Gorky Park, and the wooden bridge has been replaced with a stone one. If you look closely at the house on Yanka Kupala Street 17, you will notice a certain similarity with the old building to which 3 floors were added.

Minsk street near Gorky Park

And here is a postcard showing the entrance to Governor's Park.

Governor's Garden in Minsk old photo
Old pasta, first palova 20 tbsp.

Modern entrance to Gorky Park (same angle).

Bridge to Gorky Park in Minsk

It is also interesting to look at how urban development has changed in the central part of Minsk. For example, a famous house on Myasnikova street 76, with perhaps one of the most beautiful balconies in the city.

At this house, there is a Belarusian writer Yanka Maўr

At one time there was a Jewish women's school here, then the apartments were rented out. By the way, for several years this house lived the writer Yanka Mavr (Ivan Mikhailovich Fedorov).

What kind of house with a beautiful balcony in Minsk?

Look at the photograph of the apartment building of Yadviga Kostrovitskaya, where the management of the Libavo-Romensky railway was located.

Kastravitskaya House near Minsk
1918 Krynica: Padarozhzha is an hour. — Mensk: Vydavetsky House “Zvyazda”, 2015
Private account of Uladzimer Likhadzedav

Slightly changed (the tower has disappeared), but still preserving the original architecture, the house stands in the same place, Kirova Street 11.

Where is the apartment house of Jadwiga Kastrovitskaya located?

Of course, you can’t ignore Karl Marx Street, where there were and are many interesting objects. Here is an old postcard of the State Bank, I think you can easily find out what kind of institution operates here today.

Museum in Minsk old photo
pasta 1918

That’s right – “National Museum of History and Culture of Belarus”, address: Karl Marx Street 11.

Karl Marx Street in Minsk

In 1916, next door to the bank, young girls studied at the Mariinsky Gymnasium. In the middle of the last century, another floor appeared next to this house at 29 Karl Marx Street, and students from the Faculty of Economics of BSU took the place of the high school students.

Old smoke of Minsk
Old pasta 1916

Tsikavya budynki in Minsk

Let’s complete the selection of photographs of Minsk with an old postcard from 1916, which depicts buildings on Karl Marx Street 17-19, at that time the Literary and Artistic Society was located here.

What did Minsk look like before?

Today, this house with an additional floor is partly occupied by offices, cafes and ordinary apartments.

The streets of Minsk are historic

If you liked the material, see what it looked like Grodno 100 years ago.

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