In many sources Zembin is indicated as one of the oldest settlements on the territory of the Borisov region. The first written information about it dates back to the beginning of the 16th century. Recently, they have been actively talking about the agro-town, - after the collapse of part of the wall Church of the Virgin Mary. The main attraction of Zembin cannot be preserved and the option of the collapse of the facade of this abandoned temple is being considered. A similar story, but not as noticeable, is happening with the neighboring mikveh, which over the past 20 years has almost completely collapsed.

Abandoned mikvah in the agricultural town of Zembin

The Jewish "boom" began in Zembin after the decision Joachim Khreptovich in 1783 to allow all free people to settle on their lands. The flourishing of the town and the active rise of trade begins. With the growth of the Jewish population, a synagogue appeared, and by 1897 more than 80% of the inhabitants were Jews. Around this period, a mikveh (*roughly speaking a Jewish bath or washing room), the ruins of which can be seen today.

Abandoned places of Belarus - mikvah in Zembin

The arrival of the Bolsheviks in 1917, Zemba Jews met ambiguously. On the one hand, this was an opportunity to get away from the dependence of the Polish gentry, in which they saw great opportunities for themselves. On the other hand, already by the 30s, most Jews saw where this dangerous road leads (free trade was equated with ordinary speculation and became prohibited). So for example, a native of these places, a famous writer Easy Harik, actively supported the Soviet government and even joined the ranks of the Red Army. However, despite his adherence to communist ideas, he was shot by court order in 1937.

Abandoned mikveh in the agricultural town of Zembin, Vitebsk region

The real collapse of the Jewish community came with the outbreak of World War II. After Zembin was occupied by the German invaders, almost all Jewish residents were shot. A memorial was erected at the place of execution of 927 inhabitants of the town.

Zembin attractions

The building of the mikvah is made of rubble stone and brick. The walls of the building look strong, although the general condition is poor, the wooden roof has recently collapsed. There are several interesting reconstruction projects on the Internet, it looks very worthy. Who knows, maybe one day the local authorities will get their hands on this building.

Mikvah in Zembin

The former mikveh stands near the central intersection, below is the mark on the map:

If you're in the area, I recommend you take a look. ruins of a temple in Begoml.

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