At the very end of January 2022 on streaming platform Netflix Korean series premiered We are all dead. The plot is built around the survival of teenagers from a high school in the city of Hyesan, where a real epidemic (well, or a zombie invasion) suddenly began. How good is this series and can it beat the ratings The game of squid, let's figure it out.

We're All Dead - Netflix's New Korean Hit

In the series 12 episodes, each by 60 minutes and there are no plans for a sequel at this time. So you are waiting for a completely finished product without a long wait for the final.

We're All Dead - Netflix's New Korean Hit

One of the reasons why "We are all dead" attracted so much attention - this is an unusual attempt to show the zombie apocalypse. On the one hand, you are waiting for a typical action-horror where crowds of dead people are chasing the poor fellows (this is also there). On the other hand, the series devotes a lot of time to the behavior and relationships of people in an extreme situation. Not everyone liked this approach. Many viewers called it a boring drag, where all the characters are on the same face and continuous conversations.

We're All Dead - Netflix's New Korean Hit

Korean cinema is really trending to a certain extent now. Almost every year a strong picture appears (and sometimes several at once), leading various tops and ratings. Therefore, it is not surprising that series We're All Dead could jump on the general wave of Korean talent. However, in my opinion, the series is still worthy of attention, although it is not a masterpiece. I advise you to watch the trailer, abstract from the “trendiness”, decide whether you are ready to spend 12 hours and decide whether to get involved in this new product from Netflix.

What else to see on the theme of zombies from Koreans?

Zombie Kingdom is also a series from Netflix with a film search rating of 7,7. (2 seasons)

Train to Busan is one of the most famous Korean zombie movies, it is even mentioned in the TV series We're All Dead.

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