The main transport artery of the island Phu Quoc - Duongdong airport. The construction work was completed in 2012. Compact Vietnamese airport with all necessary amenities. We will figure out how to get to (from) the airport, where it is located, what flights it operates.




The main flow of flights falls on tourist transportation. Popular destinations:

Ho Chi Minh City - Phu Quoc

Hanoi – Phu Quoc

Seoul – Phu Quoc

Bangkok – Phu Quoc

Most flights are operated by Asian low-cost airlines, as well as Vietnam Airlines. Do not forget about baggage allowances when planning independent trips.

Distance from Duongdong Airport to major locations

The island is small, and Duongdong Airport is located almost in the center. You can get in the range of 45 minutes to anywhere on the island, with rare exceptions.

How to get to Phu Quoc airport or hotel?

There is public transport on the island - a shuttle (bus), but it runs quite rarely. The best way is to take a taxi, at Duong Dong Airport there is a large selection. Prices depend on the honesty of the carrier and your luck. Orient from 130 dong to 000 (250 - 000 $).

You can order a taxi in advance, through booking services, or at the counter at the airport exit. Prepare the address of your hotel in advance, write it down on paper.

One more moment. Many hotels have their own shuttle, check. For example in resort Isabella got there for 150 dong and 000 minutes.

phu quoc international airport

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  1. The airport is very simple and small, there are few flights, the staff is polite. The only way to get with things is a taxi. Upon arrival, you can order a transfer in advance online, and it’s easier to return from the hotel


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