Thanks to the filmFavorite“, released in 1965, we have the opportunity to admire Minsk that time. This film contains not only gorgeous plans of the city, but also almost priceless aerial footage shot by cameraman Yuri Alexandrovich Marukhin. Next, I suggest looking at screenshots from this film.

Independence Avenue old photo
The main thoroughfare of Minsk is Independence Avenue, at that time Leninsky
Old movie theaters of Minsk
The intersection of Independence Avenue and Komsomolskaya Street

The film was based on the work of Nikolai Fedorovich Pogodin - “The Amber Necklace” and was considered quite breakthrough for its time, even for the period of the “thaw of the 60s”.

What does Minsk look like in the 60s
View from the circus building to the Svisloch River and the park
Gorky Park old photo
Completely bald Gorky Park and Frunze Street
Independence Avenue old photo
The circus building is on the left, and Yanka Kupala Park is on the right.
Film "Beloved" 1965
One of the main characters of the film, builder Volodya Levadov, looks out over the center of Minsk from the circus building. In the distance one can seecollection of the Descent of the Holy Spirit.

Interesting fact: all the footage taken from a helicopter was taken at the very beginning of the 60s, several years before they started filming Beloved. Yuri Marukhin used them for his documentary film “The Sun over the City”.

Independence Avenue old photo
On the left, pay attention to the old building - this is former power station, in its place today stands a multifunctional complex.

One of the favorite locations for filming films is the spacious Independence Square (at that time - Lenin Square). The Red Church is visible in the frame; at that time, the museum of the history of Belarusian cinema was located within the walls of the temple.

Old photographs of Minsk

The aerial shot shows an old four-story house - this is the legacy of old Mensk; the house was built as an apartment building, commissioned by Jadwiga Kostrovitskaya.

What Independence Square looked like

Old Lenin Square

View of Minsk from the late 50s, the house of Yadviga Kostrovitskaya will be demolished in 1964

Kostrovitskaya's house photo

The film also shows footage of the church building on Bishop's Hill, including interiors and basements.

Stills from the film Beloved 1965

Construction of the Sports Palace in Minsk
The construction process of the sports palace
Old photo of Minsk
In the lower right corner, pay attention to the Yanka Kupala Theater with an old portico.

The film “Beloved” is a great way to get in touch with the atmosphere of Minsk, a sample of the mid-20th century. If you are interested, then watch some stills from the film “World Boy” 1971, there are also plenty of interesting scenes.



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