Bobruisk is rich in various sights, there are also classic церквиand bosomand unusual tenement house. In the city, you can also see military monuments associated with various milestones in history. So on the street Krupskoy 8a established in 1926 chapel tower in memory of the underground members of the Communist Committee, active in Bobruisk.

Memorial tower in Bobruisk

The shape of the chapel is square, made of brick and plastered. About 5x5 meters in size, semicircular pylons are located at the corners, and a protruding cornice along the perimeter of the roof. Pseudo balconies look interesting in the architecture of the memorial tower - an atypical element for such buildings.

Mass grave of underground workers in Bobruisk

To the right of the narrow entrance, you can see a memorial plaque on which the names and surnames of the members of the Bolshevik underground organization are indicated, there are 11 people on this list.

Military monument in Bobruisk

Plate historical heritage in Bobruisk

Monuments in Bobruisk

To get to this place go to Krupskaya street (just located nearby abandoned barracks и reduit of the Bobruisk fortress). The chapel tower stands right behind the Belorusneft gas station, below is a dot on the map.

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