The Mogilev region has its own unique chalkpit, which are not inferior in beauty Volkovysk. Located a few kilometers from the city Krichevtowards the village Kamenka.

Krichevsky chalk quarries

The places here are very beautiful, though dangerous and forbidden. Remember if you plan to visit Krichevsky quarriesyou risk getting fined. Swimming in such reservoirs is not worth it, despite the tempting turquoise water.

Chalk quarries near Krichev

Chalk quarries in the village of Kamenka

Why ask visit such sights of Belarus? For unreal views and inspiration. It is difficult to find such landscapes in our latitudes; when you look at the landscape, associations with US national parks.

Krichevsky chalk quarries

Beautiful places in Belarus

Interesting places in Belarus

The summer of 2021 turned out to be very hot, so chalk quarry near Krichev pretty dry.

Photos of chalk quarries in Belarus

Chalk quarries Kamenka Mogilev region

Chalk quarries in Belarus

Near the flooded quarry, there is an operating one.

Chalk quarries near Mogilev

Photos of chalk quarries Belarus

Despite the danger of such objects, they remain attractive. It would have long been worth equipping quarries and making a tourist center here. Maybe someday it will happen.

If you are in the area, I recommend visiting Potemkin Palace in Krichev. And if you drive towards the city of Mstislavl, then along the way there will be abandoned church onufrievo.


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