Unusual windmill in Tarnovo

main attraction agricultural town of Tarnovo – former estate Mavrosov with a rich history and an interesting fate. In addition to the manor house, there is also a partially preserved windmill. It is located behind the bridge, a little away from residential buildings.

Tarnowo Mill

In form, the building resembles rather a crypt or a tomb, like the one in Uzda. But coming closer, you begin to understand that the purpose is completely different.

Windmill in Tarnowo

The mill was built at the end of the 19th century from rubble stone in a rather atypical architectural form. The wooden roof and blades burned down in the 90s. To protect the building from destruction, it was covered with a tin dome, and the entrance and shutters were boarded up.

Unusual places in Belarus Tarnovo

Inside, the transverse ceilings are still preserved.

Ruins in Tarnowo

Mill Tarnovo

If you look away from the ruins of a windmill Ditva riverthen you can see church in the village of Belogrudawhich is also worth a look.

Ruins in Tarnowo

Unusual tower on the map:

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