In the village Soltany a wooden windmill from the early 20th century has been partially preserved. The design of such windmills can be classified as typical. In the territory Belarus such mills were found in many settlements.

Today the mill is abandoned and in a deplorable state. Despite this, it looks very cinematic.

The abandoned windmill has kept all its mechanisms. Initially, it was possible to turn the building in any direction downwind.

Getting to Soltany is easy. The village is located on the road between Molodechno и Volozhin. It is necessary to turn off in the village of Litva to Berezinskoye and move to Gorodilovo. The mill will be clearly visible from the road.

Abandoned windmill

Mill on the map:

More sights of Belarus on map, and here are the abandoned here. Not far from the village of Soltany, you can look into the village Yachymovshchinawhere an interesting manor has been preserved. 


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