Novogrudok can compete with the number of attractions even with Grodno. Besides castle ruins and places of worship, in Novogrudok preserved wooden mosque.

Mosque in Novogrudok

The history of the mosque began from the moment when the local Tatars received a building permit from the last king of the Commonwealth. And already in 1796 Novogrudok mosque was ready. However, the version that can be seen today was built later - in 1855 year, in place of its predecessor.

Mosque in Novogrudok old photo
photo source: razdima org

Since 1948, the building of the wooden mosque has been used for housing. It was returned to believers in 1994, and restoration work began almost immediately. In 1997, a grand opening took place, which was timed to coincide with the big anniversary (600 years since the Tatars settled on the lands Belarus).

The mosque is located in Novogrudok, on the street Lenina 28. Works on Friday from 12:30 to 14:00, contact number - 8 029 341-96-10. Below is the location on the map:

Near the mosque there is a cemetery where tomb of Zaborskybuilt in 1858.

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