Svetlogorsk - the beginning of the route

If you google "What to see in Svetlogorsk“, the search engine will give you beautiful photos of gingerbread houses and the old embankment. Boldly close the results are Svetlogorsk in the Kaliningrad region. Svetlogorsk to Belarus much more modest, but there is some kind of tourism here.

Svetlogorsk Belarus

The most beautiful part of the city is along Embankment of the Berezina River. A small park is equipped here and the main attractions are concentrated. Svetlogorsk was transformed into a city only in 1961 from an urban settlement Shatilki. Accordingly, there are no historical sites and ancient architectural monuments here at all. What is there?

Church of the Exaltation of the Cross

The Catholic Church was built recently - in 1997 year. A Gomel architect was responsible for the design of the neo-Gothic church - Pevny Sergey Iosifovich.

Church in the city of Svetlogorsk

mourning bell

At the intersection of streets Soviet и Socialist a monument dedicated to those who died during the Second World War was erected.

Mourning bell in Soligorsk

The sculpture appeared in Svetlogorsk in 2005, thanks to the efforts of the sculpture of Vladimir Slobodchikov and architect Igor Morozov.

Monument to soldiers-internationalists

A few steps from the bell there is another monument on a military theme, but in memory of those who died in Afghanistan.

Military monument in Svetlogorsk

This is where the sights of the city almost end. There is also an Orthodox late 20th century church and modern building railway station with interesting architecture. However, I advise you not to waste time and go further to explore route in the Gomel region.

Rechitsa is one of the oldest cities in Belarus

On the P82 highway from Svetlogorsk we get to the old Rechitsa. Here the situation with sights is changing dramatically, and the city itself looks much nicer.

What to see in Rechitsa

The most interesting part of Rechitsa is along embankment of the Dnieper river. Here you can have a bite to eat and visit the local beach on the peninsula. On the one hand, the landscape looks simple, but on the other, it is somehow attractive.

Embankment in the city of Rechitsa

The children's park on the ancient castle looks unusual.

Castle in the city of Rechitsa

In addition to imitations of fortress walls and towers, there are all sorts of wonderful figures.

Rechitsa Gomel region

From the park we go out to the central square of the city. Seen to the left - Assumption Cathedral.

What to see in Rechitsa

Next door - Neo-Gothic Trinity Church.

Neo-Gothic church in Rechitsa, Gomel region

Another attraction on Sovietskaya Square - early 20th century mansion. It houses an art gallery.

Art gallery in Rechitsa

Walking a little further along Embankment Street, we get to the building local history museum. Works with 9: 00 to 19: 00, closed on Mondays, photography is not allowed, but suddenly you are lucky.

Regional Museum in Rechitsa

Historical buildings have been preserved on Sovetskaya Street. In the House Number 34, once was post and telegraph office.

Post and telegraph office Rechitsa

Old buildings of the city of Rechitsa

On the October Square there is a local DKiT "Oilman" and a small sculptureCastle".

Castle in Rechitsa

Going further along Sovetskaya you will see some more interesting houses of the first half of the 20th century.

Sights of the city of Rechitsa

At the intersection with Chapaeva street, the area with light and music fountainwhich looks good in the dark. Closer to the embankment Chapel of St. Euphrosyne of Polotsk and amphitheater. Here is one of my favorite locations for photos - plane on a slope.

Route in the Gomel region

Embankment Rechitsa

Khoiniki district

It is not far from Rechitsa to go to Gomelbut I went to the side city ​​of Khoiniki. It is a small regional center with a population of about 13 thousand people. Main attraction - Abrahamov's estate.

Attractions Khoiniki Gomel region

There is a local museum in the manor house of the 20th century. It will tell you the history of Khoiniki and show you the current exposition. However, besides the estate itself, the park is also interesting. There is a sculpture based on the work Ivan Melezh "People in the swamp".

Khoyniki People in the Swamp

A 10-minute drive towards Bragin is another interesting estate - Vankovichi-Oskerko in the village of Rudakov.

Abandoned manor in the village of Rudakov

The estate in Rudakovo has been abandoned for quite a long time. This is depressing, but the place itself looks unusual, it has preserved some kind of atmosphere of antiquity and mystery.

Rudakov village, Gomel region

Another well-known estate in the Khoiniki region is Borisov region, owned Yastrzhembsky.

Borisovshchina village, Gomel region

This homestead arrives in ruins. The dominant role in the composition of the former estate is occupied by a massive water tower.

Borisov region Estremsky estate

At the entrance to Mozyr, another stop was waiting. In the village Yurovichi reconstruct church and monastery of the Jesuits, though now as an Orthodox shrine.

Monastery and church in the village of Yurovichi

For many years the place was abandoned, so it's nice to see that the work is progressing quickly. Most likely another year or two and the monastery will be fully restored.

Former church in the village of Yurovichi

Mozyr and surroundings

Mozyr - this is the final point of my route along Gomel region. In fact, the city is so interesting that it deserves a separate article on its sights.

What to see in Mozyr

The most interesting and authentic part of Mozyr lies along the Pripyat River. If you enter the city new bridge, then Gogol Street will be the first landmark - church and convent of the Cistercians.

What to see in Mozyr

In addition to the women's monastery, there was also a men's monastery of this order in Mozyr. (slightly further down the street)

Church in MozyrThe city center attracts with its hilly and atypical landscape for Belarus. One of the main amusements of the guests of the city is the ascent to Mozyr castle.

Mozyr Castle on the hillfort "Castle Hill"The wooden fortress is a reduced replica of the old castle that stood on this site. Along the way, there are interesting houses and old buildings.

Sights of Mozyr

What to see in Mozyr, Gomel region

The fortress houses a museum and exhibitions. Paid entrance.

Settlement in MozyrThe main tower offers a wonderful view of Mozyr.

View from the fortress to Mozyr

From the Mozyr Castle, the road leads towards another monastery, which once belonged to the Bernardine Order.

Walk around Mozyr

The church was re-consecrated in Cathedral of Saint Michael the Archangel. In the crypt of the temple there is a unique museum of political repressions, which has no analogues in the country.

Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel in Mozyr

From the cathedral we return to Leninskaya street. The main pedestrian street of the city, where historical buildings with decent architecture are concentrated.

Mural Ivan Melezh in Mozyr

Among the urban development, the local theater in architecture stands out constructivism. The building was built in 1932.

Theater in Mozyr

Slightly in the depths of the yards preserved unique mansion building early 20th century.

Abandoned hospital in Mozyr

For many years there was a county hospital, and in Soviet times a children's clinic.

Abandoned mansion in Bobruisk

Interesting places in Belarus

Despite the abandoned appearance, the place is popular with both tourists and local teenagers.

Interesting places in Mozyr

On this route in the Gomel region: Svetlogorsk - Rechitsa - Mozyr is over. If you wish, you can always add stops using attractions maps.

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