If you would like to travel to sights of Belarus, but are not ready for long journeys, then for you a short route to objects nearby Minsk. A short (about 120 kilometers) but fascinating road awaits you, where you will visit 7 different settlements and see more 15 standing objects. Below is a route map with stops, further descriptions of attractions, useful links and recommendations.

Route around sights near Minsk

1) Minsk - Semkov Gorodok

The first stop on our route is Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in Semkov Gorodok. Enter the coordinates into the navigator 54.007153, 27.466153.

Church village Semkov Gorodok

2) Semkov Gorodok - Semkovo

Next, we go to the ruins of the Khmarov estate in the village of Semkovo (coordinates for navigator 54.028487, 27.434962). Park next to the fence and go through the park to the estate itself. On the left should be abandoned boarding school, and on the right is the museum building (closed).

Ruins of the estate in Semkovo

3) Semkovo - Zaslavl

Next stop ancient city Zaslavl (detailed article at the link). Must see in the city Church of the Transfiguration и Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. If possible, go to the ethnographic museum.

Zaslavl church

Zaslavl Church Belarus

4) Zaslavl - Dubrovo

Dubrovo village the person is interesting the ruins of the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, by the way, this temple was built with the money of Adam Khmara, whose estate you could see at bus stop number 2. The navigation point is 54.095093, 27.088769.

Additionally, in Dubrovo you can see the old brovar of the Vankovich family.

5) Dubrovo - Rakov

Rakov is a large agricultural town near Minsk, known since the end of the 14th century. For starters, you should go to the very center and see the neo-Gothic church and the church of 1793. 53.967072, 27.058645

What to see in Rakov

Route around sights near Minsk

Next stop in Rakov - museum-gallery "Yanushkevichi", even if you are not a fan of museum excursions, then inspect the building itself - it is worthy of attention.

Finally, take a look at the eastern outskirts of Rakov, where St Anne's Catholic Chapel 1862 year.

6) Rakov - New Field

The next stop is 10 minutes away - Manor of the Drutsky-Lyubetskys in the village of Novoe Pole. Navigator coordinates: 53.973599, 27.130721

Manor New Field

The manor in the style of classicism today belongs to the local college, but this will not prevent you from inspecting the building and even looking inside. Around the estate, a park has been partially preserved, as well as an icehouse.

Ledovnya New Field

7) New Field - Borzdyn 

If you love abandoned temples and chapels, then you will like our last point - Chapel-tomb of the Vishnevskys. The place is located at the junction of two villages Malaya Borzdyn and Teiki, so use the GPS point - 53.989968, 27.163702

Chapel tomb of Vishnevsky

I hope you found our route to sights near Minsk useful! see also map with sights of the Republic of Belarus и selection of tours around the country.


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