At the beginning of August, the weather was so summery that it would be a strong omission not to go on another trip. Therefore, the working day was shortened, and a small route Minsk - Turets - Pervomaisky - Shchorsy - Lyubcha laid out on a sheet of paper.


Turkish - this is such a strong village, which from whichever side you look - okay. There is a school after renovation and a kindergarten, and there are quite a lot of people. Of the attractions here are interesting церковь in pseudo-Russian style.


There were no plans to stay here, we were interested in a small farmstead Kashitsey “Obrina” several kilometers away. As is often the case with people who do not use navigators, we drove past the right place in the other direction for about 10 kilometers. After wandering around the outskirts of another village - Eremichi. But in it it was possible to see a stone 19th century churchquite ordinary, but pleasantly unplanned.

Finding the right villageMay Day) with the help of local residents, we go into the wilds, that is, really into a dense forest and a swamp, where a 3-story ice building grows right in front of our eyes. Almost completely destroyed and overgrown with vegetation.

I would like to carefully examine this place, but hordes of mosquitoes quickly drive away and force us to move on.

Just a few steps we notice an arched bridge and we are terrified. Think about it, it was on it that 1,5 tons of our car crawled from above! How did he not collapse? The quality of the masonry vaults is evident! Of course, we had no idea about the existence of this structure. Branches to vaulted rooms were found under the bridge. Pitch darkness... And mosquitoes.

Looking closely, we came to the conclusion that it could be a family crypt. We passed under the bridge and on the other side saw a vast area with the ruins of the foundation. Alas, almost nothing remains of the former scope and grandeur: nature takes its toll and gradually erases the very fact of the existence of a manor here once.

Things are a little better with outbuildings.

The office (workshop) looks very colorful. Although only the basement remained from it, its dimensions allow us to imagine what this place looked like in its best years.

Next stop - Shchorsy village. The place gained popularity at the dawn of the 18th century, when a famous family Khreptovichi laid here palace complex. There is little left of the former greatness, but there is still something.

household yard “Murovanka Khreptovichi”

The manor house has not survived to this day, most often they take the library for it. It really resembles a manor rather than a secondary building.

manor shchorsy

A surprise awaited us around the corner of the library - in great contrast to the abandoned complex of buildings, we saw a perfect lawn with a white gazebo and a one-story brand new building with huge windows.

Khreptovich Museum

Trimmed trees, an inconspicuous fence - all this creates an incredible ease of perception. Only at that moment did we suddenly become aware of the inexplicable silence of these places. As if the noise of the epochs had passed, and on the ruins of the former greatness and glory, this flower of the white lotus blossomed.

Shchorsy household yard Murovanka

This building - museum-estate Shchorsy, owned by the Shchorsy and Khreptovichi charitable foundation, created to restore historical heritage.

On the territory there is a discreet building made of boards - in fact, an ordinary barn, but it is worth taking a closer look at the back wall - there are photos.

They date back to the beginning of the XNUMXth century, when the estate still pleased its owners.

In addition to photos, there are also excerpts from the book “Fracture”, author Olga Buteneva-Khreptovich.

In the park area, several more outbuildings have been preserved, which are now for sale.

Shchorsy buildings

Of course, I was most impressed by the utility yard, which is more like an abandoned fortress.

By the way, it is still preserved in Shchorsy Demetrius Church 18th century, located on the main street, you will not be able to drive past.

Further we are waiting for the final point of the route - Lubcha Castle. Having approached it, we saw that where the ruins stood 20 years ago, now there are two restored towers with a completely restored wall between them.

castle restoration in ljubce

While we were inspecting the area, a man in linen clothes and a long-brimmed panama approached us. This is how we met the founder and director of the Lyubcha Castle Charitable Foundation Ivan Antonovich Pechinsky.

For more than 15 years he has been engaged in the restoration of this complex. Certainly not alone. Volunteers are constantly involved in the territory of the castle, who are not indifferent to the history of their country. He directs his own, as well as borrowed resources, to such an interesting and at the same time complex process of reconstruction.

Lyubcha Castle photo

In Minsk, we have lost the habit of such a picture. Here, young guys pour the foundation of the future tower, carry bricks and stones, girls rinse clothes and cook food. It is impressive that not all young people today crowd the food courts and Zybitskaya, but spend their time doing such a thing as reconstruction.

Watching this, you suddenly understand - here they are, these people who are building the future (or the past?) with their own hands in the literal sense.

Finishing our trip, we only managed to catch a glimpse of another attraction - Church of the Prophet Elijah. At this point we went back to Minsk.

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