Were going to go to a tour of the castles? Here's a handy route in Belarus and standing places. If you wish, you can meet in one day by car, or make an overnight stop and see everything thoroughly.

What can you see along this route?

  1. We start from Minsk to Nesvizh Castle. Distance 120 km, travel time about 2 hours.

Palace of the Radziwills in Nesvizh: photos, history, dates

2. From Nesvizh to Mir Castle. You need to drive 30 km and spend 30 minutes.

3. Next stop - Novogrudok Castle. From Mir to go about 40 minutes.

4. Stop Lubcha Castle optional. The place is very interesting, but you need to make a detour. 30 km there and 30 km back to the track.

Castle of Kishek and Radziwills in Lyubcha

5. Lida Castle. About an hour from Novogrudok.

city ​​Lida photo

6. From Lida we leave for Golshany Castle. A little over an hour on the road.

6. From Golshany to the last stop of the route, only 20 minutes of leisurely driving. Kreva Castle.

If the route through Belarus is castles, it doesn’t suit you, take a look Attractions map.

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