For those who want to travel to sights of Belarus, I suggest tourist route from the city of Brest. A kind of triangle awaits you with many interesting objects and stops. If you wish, you can always add additional points based on cards or exclude something. You can read more about each attraction at the link in the description.

Village of Skokie

In the Brest region, a restored Nemtsevich Palace, which today houses the museum of the same name.

Manor Nemtsevichi in the village of Skokie

This manor was built at the end of the 18th century and has been modified several times over the course of its long history. The place is interesting, besides, successful projects for the reconstruction of old estates are not so common in Belarus.

Rakovica and mystic chapel

A little away from Rakovica village the family tomb of the Tollochko family.

Chapel in the village of Rakovica

The chapel was built at the beginning of the 20th century with pronounced features of neo-Gothic architecture.

Chapel-tomb of Tollochko in the village of Rakovitsa

Although the chapel is abandoned, it is clearly inspected. It is located in a small Catholic cemetery, a couple of hundred meters from the nearest houses.

Churches along the way

On the way you will meet several churches. The first of which is Temple of St. Paraskeva in Sychy. Strict architecture and a rather severe appearance are enhanced by unpainted walls.

Church in the village of Sychi

By the way, the village of Sychi itself is also associated with the surname Tollochko, - their residence was located here (the manor house was dismantled in 1993).

Manor Tollochko Sychi
Manor Tollochko, old photo from the book “Castles, palaces, parks of Beraszeyshchyny X-XX stagodzyaў”

Further along the H345 there will be a typical retrospective-Russian style church in Velyamovichi and more interesting wooden temple in Ogorodniki.

Church Ogorodniki village

The path to this church lies through a narrow suspension bridge, be careful.


Small Motherland of the last king of the Commonwealth, - Stanislav August Poniatovsky, with the main attraction Trinity Church.

Beautiful churches of Belarus Volchin

The unusual temple began to be restored in 2009, and today it is one of the most interesting objects in the entire Kamenets region.

Volchin church

In addition to the church (which was Poniatowski's tomb at the same time), Volchin has preserved Nicholas Church 19 century.

Church of St. Nicholas in the village of Volchin

Manor Gremyach

The abandoned building of the former Puzynov Palace in the village Gremyach. Attempts to restore the manor house have already been made several times. Work was either actively started, or suddenly frozen.

Manor Palace Puzynov "Gremyach"


This city of the Kamenets region has excellent tourist potential, but the impression is that the locals don’t care about it. Maybe the weather was not the right one, or just arrived unsuccessfully, but every object in the city left a residue. Main attraction - ruins of the entrance gate to Sapieha Castle. Little remains of the building: earthen ramparts and part of the arch.

High, Brest region

Recently, the ruins were mothballed and covered with a roof - this decision should help preserve the architectural monument until better times. On the way to the castle Potocki Palace, impressive in its scope, but completely hidden behind a high fence.

The Potocki Manor in Vysokoe

So it turns out - that there seems to be a landmark, but you can’t see it.

Homestead in Vysokoe Belarus

In the center of the High stands a beautiful Baroque Trinity Church. The temple was rebuilt so often that it is difficult to establish its exact date of construction.

Trinity Church in Vysokoe

If you drive a little from it and turn onto Frunze Street, you can see synagogue ruins. On the way to this object, you will pass a “terrible house” - this is also a former synagogue.

Abandoned Synagogue High

Another attraction in Vysokoe is part of the residential buildings Bonifrat Monastery at the entrance.

The former monastery of the Bonifrats in Vysokoe

Now some kind of mechanical yard or warehouse is operating on the adjacent territory. In 2015, they tried to sell the monastery building for a quite reasonable amount, but they could not find a buyer.

On the way to Kamenets

On the P102 highway to Kamenets, I advise you to make a couple more stops. For example in village Novaya Ryasnawhere is preserved 19th century Protestant church.

Tomb of the Grabowskis Novaya Ryasna

For a long time, the tomb of the Grabovsky family, the last owners of the town, was located in the walls of the building.

Already at the entrance to Kamenets will be village Nikolaevowhere you can see wooden church of St. Paraskeva.

Church of St. Paraskeva Pyatnitsa in Nikolaevo

The church was built at the end of the 19th century and stands out with bright colors. If you are interested in wooden architecture, then I advise you to add the temple to the route.

Kamenets Tower and a little more

In the district center, the city of Kamenets, the central attraction is donjon towerdated to the 13th century. As you understand, there are almost no such architectural monuments left on the territory of Belarus. Therefore, visiting the tower is doubly interesting.

13th century tower in Kamenets

Tourist route "Triangle" from Brest

Monument on the main street of the city city ​​planner Alexi, who supervised the construction of the Kamenets tower.

Monument to the town planner Alex in Kamenets Belarus

City Kamenetz Belarus

Behind the monument is the main temple of Kamenets - Church of St. Simeon 1914.

Church in Kamenets

Walking around the city, pay attention to the ordinary buildings of the late 19th - early 20th century.

Terraced buildings Kamenetz

Some houses have retained their interesting modernist appearance, such as the former gymnasium from 1931, next to the tower.

Former gymnasium Kamenets

Back to Brest, but not yet

Returning to Brest, you have the opportunity to visit several more unique sights of different value. On the P7 highway there is the village of Pelishche, where Church of the Heart of Jesus 1927.

Church of the Heart of Jesus in the village of Pelische

This Catholic church is quite young, by the standards of history, but its architecture is worth attention. I think you rarely met churches made in the modernist style (albeit partially rebuilt).

Chernavchitsy and Vistychi

I recommend completing the route “Brest triangle” with the villages of Vistychi and Chernavchitsy. At the entrance to Chernavchitsy, one of the oldest stone churches in Belarus is waiting for you - Trinity Church of 1583.

Trinity Church in Chernavchitsy

The church has features of Renaissance and Gothic architectural styles, and on the territory there is a massive bell tower. Next to the church there is another monument - a wooden Church of Saint Paraskeva Pyatnitsa.

The final point will be the old temple in the village of Vistychi. Here, in 1748, at the monastery of the Cistercians, a stone church was built. However, after the suppression of the uprising of 1863, the temple was transferred to Orthodoxy. Since 1866 it has been operating as Holy Cross Church.

Vistachi cerkov krestovozdvishenskai

I hope you were interested in the route through the northwestern part of the Brest region. This region is truly rich in history and interesting places.


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