In the city Dubrovno, Vitebsk region, there is a rather interesting industrial monument of architecture - a restored building dye shop cloth factory "Dnieper manufactory". The company started operating at the very beginning of the 20th century. Records have been preserved that in the summer of 1900 the charter of the new company "Dneprovsk Paper Spinning and Weaving Manufactory" was adopted. A few years later, the looms were already making noise, and the factory was rapidly gaining momentum in production. So the number of employees grew from 400 people to 600 in just 3 years.

Restored cloth manufactory in Dubrovno

Dnieper manufactory - This is an exemplary enterprise of its time, which mainly employed local Jews. It is believed that Dubrovno was famous for many centuries for its weavers, many of whom were from Jewish families.

The initiative entrepreneurs bought the land on which the factory stood from the Lubomirskys, the then owners of the city.

Dubrovno, Vitebsk region

In 1941 the factory stopped. Machine tools and valuable workers were urgently taken to Barnaul, away from the fighting. With the end of the Second World War, they tried to revive the plant, the Dubrovno Flax Mill started working on its premises.

The preserved building of the old factory stood in ruins for many years. In the 90s, the building was mothballed and the roof was replaced, and about 5 years ago a complete reconstruction was completed. Now there is a local museum and a banquet hall.

Restored cloth manufactory in Dubrovno

The restored building in Dubrovno is a good example of how abandoned architectural monuments can be used. The attraction is located at the intersection of Zavodskaya and Fabrichnaya streets, below is a point on the map:

On the other side of the Dnieper is worth seeing residential building of the Bernardine monastery. If you are in these parts, I also recommend visiting Orsha.


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