Lviv it is a historical city of Ukraine, where the culture of the East and the West, reflected in its architecture, intertwined. Lviv is a unique city that enchants with its originality and unique value of historical monuments. Lovers are drawn here like a magnet. The city is reminiscent of medieval Europe, the historical center of the city is under the protection of UNESCO. Let's figure out which attractions in Lviv city cannot be missed, but we will suggest interesting and unusual excursions. This article includes a story about the trip Anton Belyaev on VAZ 2101 to Lviv: how it was, opinion about the city, tips on how to get to Lviv and what to see there.

From the author: I believe in simple things and a saying "Best the enemy of the good". I also know that the complexity of the design does not lead to its reliability. That's why I travel Zhiguli 2101, 1977th year of release. Green color is positive in everything. The car gives emotions: to you, passengers and those who are next to it. And, yes, serviced on time, it is more reliable than many current cars of world concerns. Everything. This is a saying and an answer to "why".

What is the best route to travel from Belarus to Lviv?

The most important advice on how to get to Lviv: never take the road Minsk - Malorita - Oltush (checkpoint) - Vishnev - Novovolynsk - Chervonograd - Zhovkva - Lviv. The asphalt there is broken, like after the bombing, and the average speed will be about 50 km per hour. Back, having studied a number of forums and advice of compatriots, we chose route Lviv - Lutsk - Kovel - Domanovo (checkpoint) - Brest. The condition of the track is 10 times better than the first option. Yes, longer, but the nerves were spent much less, as well as the spoken swear words.

Lviv main attractions

There are 5000 architectural monuments in Ukraine, 2500 in Lviv. Theatres, cathedrals, old houses, parks, squares, squares, unusual taverns and atmospheric cafes. The city has interesting sights for the most sophisticated tourist.

The main square of the city of Lviv is called Marketfrom which eight streets diverge. The road to the square is paved with paving stones, there are ancient architectural buildings and antique sculptures around. The facade of the town hall with a tower, more than 50 meters high, overlooks the square. In the 19th century, the clock of the Austrian brand Wilhelm Stiehl was placed on the town hall, which still works. Together with the town hall, this clock was aging, destroyed and restored again. This part of the city looks well-groomed and cozy, and is also the most touristy. Lviv's top 10 establishments are also located here, which the Internet kindly gives out.

In the very center of Lviv there is a place where there is always a quiet and calm atmosphere, it is called the Italian Courtyard.

One of the most beautiful buildings in the city is Krushelnytska Lviv Opera House.

The facade is decorated with antique figures. The interior decoration is striking in its splendor and brilliance. The walls are decorated with paintings, a magnificent crystal chandelier crowns the ceiling. The best performances, operas and operettas are staged here. If possible, study the poster in advance to choose a production to your liking if you plan to visit the opera house.

There are many streets in the city of Lviv bearing the names of the peoples who inhabited the city, such as Russian, Serbian, Armenian. By the way, the Armenians have inhabited the city since the 14th century, there is even a cathedral, which is called Armenian. The shooting of the film "Three Musketeers" took place in the courtyard of the temple.

The city has preserved the church of the Bernardines or St. Andrew. Thanks to strong walls, the church was used for defense against enemies. The temple is definitely worth seeing if you are a connoisseur of the Renaissance in architecture.

The city is rich in cathedrals and temples, the list can be really long. Here and Dominican Cathedral, striking with its grandeur and abundance of decorations. Boim Chapel, which leaves a heavy impression somewhere because of the black facade, but with the most skillful carving. The chapel was built by members of the Boim family from Hungary. Now located here Lviv Art Gallery. One of the mysterious temples of the city of Lviv is considered Church of Peter and Paul of the Jesuit Order. There is a legend that in the basement of the church still lives the ghost of the Black Monk.

Another unusual religious place - St. George's Cathedral Greek Catholic shrine. The temple was built in the Baroque style. The oldest bell in Ukraine rises on the cathedral tower.

It will be interesting to visit Vernissage marketlocated next to the Maria Zankovetskaya Drama Theatre. Here you can buy collections of paintings, souvenirs, embroideries, scarves, towels, jewelry and much more.

It is in Lviv that you can combine business with pleasure: drink liquor and look at the building, which is one and a half hundred years old. Dodging bicycles and trams, you think: “How does it happen that such an unusual “enclave” grows up among a troubled country, broken roads and other troubles? The city is huge.

There is something to see on both sides of the TV tower. But most tourists are concentrated on Rynok Square. The old part of the city will please everyone who loves Europe. There you can wander for a long, long time with a camera, changing mood from Riga and Prague to Of Kiev and Odessa.

And a little more of what is worth doing in Lviv

1. Get lost.

2. Climb the Castle Hill.

3. Have breakfast after drinking Lviv coffee with local pastries or chocolate.

4. Try cherry tincture in "Drunken Cherry" or buy branded liquor.

5. Walk through the top establishments of the city.

6. Of course, take a number of photos of sights.

7. Find places where the Soviet films "Old Robbers", "Shield and Sword", "Jelsomino's Magical Voice" and "Three Musketeers" were filmed.

8. Try to speak Ukrainian.

9. Ride the tram.

10. Go to John Lennon Street.

Part of text and photo: Anton Belyaev


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