The best social videos you must watch

Every day, hundreds, and maybe thousands of units of various media material appear on the Internet. We have selected 10 videos for you that may not be the best social videos, but are definitely interesting to watch!

In 2014, the movie was released Interstellar (Interstellar) and so many people were fascinated by the theme of space and its immensity once again. If you are also wondering if we are alone in the universe, then watch the video “219 seconds".

Social video from Malaysia. About the problems of fathers and children, about tolerance and the closest people.

How do you see yourself in your last 10 years? Everyone decides how to meet old age and how to spend it. Video "Make Health Last. What will your last 10 years look like?"

Have you heard that life is completely cyclical? And everything that happens in it is a reflection of our actions at some previous moment in time. Video 5 years ago “Kindness Boomerang“, about how important it is to do small acts of kindness every day.


What kind of work requires you to participate on a daily basis? 24 hours a day? Without breaks and pay? Of course, work - Moms. Social video "The Hardest Job in the WORLD!"

And of course, no less difficult work - Dad. Excellent work from director Schepanovskaya Inga.

Can't skip work Madeline Sharafian - Omelette. Everyone will be able to see something for themselves in this cartoon. How important it is to have a friend, or the importance of caring, or maybe how to appreciate those who are around?

Sometimes it's so hard to talk to a stranger. Video from Italy, “Silent love"

Video about the transience of life. How quickly do we change and what remains in the end? "Life in front of a mirror"

We decided not to add the last video and leave the choice up to you! What video surprised and touched you? Leave your choice in the comments!

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