Surely you have heard about the "Belarusian Maldives"? We got such an exotic name lakes with blue water, which were formed in worked out technical quarries. Similar reservoirs are found throughout the territory. Belarus, and today we’ll talk about one that is located near Soligorsk, near the village Khotinovo, Lyubansky district.

Chalk quarries of Belarus Luban

How and when were the Luban blue lakes formed?

The Lyuban plant for building materials was opened in 1979 and until 1999 chalk was mined here for the production of lime. Then the quarries were abandoned, and after some time they filled with water and overgrown with trees along the banks.

Blue lakes of Lyubanshchyna - chalk quarries

Now only their depth and the color of the water speak of the fact that the reservoirs were once used for industrial purposes.

Ten kilometers on a gravel road, turning into a sandy uneven descent, and here in front of you are two large lakes, the sight of which is breathtaking. The road to the quarries splits into two levels: one is higher, the other is lower.

Luban chalk quarries

Top level - a kind of tunnel of pines and birches, through the branches of which the water with a turquoise tint looks especially beautiful. Cliffs as high as a 5-storey building are also impressive.

Chalk quarries near Soligorsk

In the forest you can pick up mushrooms and berries, and here you can also find such a rare species of orchids as pollenhead red. red book plant interesting in that the pollen of its flowers contains a mixture of ethanol and narcotic substances, from which pollinating insects get drunk.

Huge frog on a chalk quarry

Second level the road leads along the water, which is so clear that you can see the fish swimming there. However, do not be deceived by the gentle shore, 3-4 steps - and the bottom will drop sharply under your feet. They say that the depth reaches 18 meters, and in some even 30 meters.

Chalk quarries near Soligorsk

Why do lakes have such an unusual color?

It's simple: the rest of the Cretaceous deposits at the bottom are to blame. Because of them, the water has such an impressive shade: from delicate turquoise to bright azure, and sometimes emerald.

Chalk quarries Luban

But swimming is prohibited here?

Cretaceous quarries attract tourists like a magnet, even from neighboring countries. However, these places are not intended for recreation for a number of reasons:

- the water in them does not meet sanitary requirements;

- no one knows how deep these reservoirs actually are;

Luban chalk quarries

- even on the warmest summer days, the quarries only warm up to 2 meters, so when diving, you get the feeling as if you plunged into a snowdrift. With such a sharp change in temperature, it can happen spasm, namely, it is the cause of the sad results of the holiday in the "Maldives".

- The quarries have steep and slippery banks. Jumping from them is unsafe, and climbing up is difficult even for a physically strong person.

Is it possible to swim in the chalk quarries?

Be aware of the danger that poses Luban chalk quarriesWhen visiting such places, be as careful as possible and be sure to be sober. Take beautiful photos without risking your health and life.

Another similar place is near Krichev in the village of Kamenka, Mogilev region.

author and photo: Ekaterina Golubnicchaya


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