Abu Dhabi is a city that is not so rich in historical attractions, so tourists mainly give preference to cultural and entertainment ones, for example, the main museum of the capital of the UAE - the Louvre (Louvre Abu Dhabi). The museum is located in an area of ​​the city that is actively under construction, which is called cultural, – is located on the man-made island of Saadiyat.

Louvre Abu Dhabi

Although the area itself is still at the stage of active construction, the museum building is completely finished, and it is worth admitting that it is truly an architectural masterpiece, which is interesting to look at even from the outside.

Unusual museum in Abu Dhabi

The museum project began to be implemented back in 2009, repeatedly postponing its opening. For everyone, the Arab Louvre opened its doors in 2017. The museum itself consists of a large permanent exhibition, including 12 rooms on various topics: from the first human settlements to modern art.

Abu Dhabi attractions

Paintings to Abu Dhabi museums

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi also offers temporary exhibitions, at the time of my visit - a collection of bibles from around the world, as well as the history and origins of writing.

Exhibits at the Louvre Abu Dhabi

A special pleasure is to walk around the territory of the complex, which is a museum exhibit in itself. There are architectural forms, complex natural lighting, recreation areas and much more.

What to see in Abu Dhabi

The museum is a bit confusing to navigate; it’s quite easy to get lost here, so don’t hesitate to ask questions to the staff.

Abu Dhabi Museum

Unusual exhibits in the Louvre Museum

The entrance ticket can be purchased through special machines at the entrance using a card, or for cash at the checkout. Ticket price is 68 dirhams.

How much do tickets to the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi cost?

It will be convenient to buy a ticket in advance online through various services, which will help you save a little:

See current prices here and here

At the entrance to the Louvre, bags are checked, and you are also asked to deposit backpacks, water and jackets.

Painting by Marc Chagall in the museum
“Between Light and Darkness” 1938-43, Marc Chagall (Entre chien et loup)

Of course, in terms of the number of exhibits, Abu Dhabi is inferior to its “brother” from Paris, but even here you will see masterpieces of world art. I was pleased to find several works by the Vitebsk artist Marc Chagall.

Mark Shagal

Work by Marc Chagall in the Louvre

The easiest way to get to the museum is by taxi, or by ordering a transfer from tour agencies. There is a budget option - public transport, bus 94 runs to the Louvre, the fare is 2 dirhams. Below is a point with the location of the attraction on the map:

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