Traveling around America, I was surprised more than once how much nature here changes from state to state. And if everyone has heard about sunny California with national parks, then they know less about the state of Louisiana. About the capital and the most walking city - New Orleans already told, but not about Louisiana alligators. Gator - as they are abbreviated in USA, the unspoken symbol of the state of Louisiana. There are a huge number of alligators in these parts and there are even special farms. From that it is not surprising that enterprising Americans have arranged a business on excursions. As often happens, they turned out great. In this article, we will consider how much such trips cost, how and where to get, and also what awaits you.

Tours themselveslook at alligators” are correctly called - Swamp Tour. There are a lot of options, both from New Orleans and from the surrounding area. Prices start at $20 per person and go up to $500 for individual tours. Which option to choose is up to you, but you will be shown the same nature. All tour and booking options online – here. The language of the excursions is English, there are no options here.

One of the most popular places for such trips - Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife. And of course, not only alligators, but also other living creatures are found in these places.

Tours take place on small boats with experienced guides. In the top photo, by the way, a flooded house, they wrote about it here here.

Before the trip, there were fears that we would not see alligators, or we would see them from afar. All worries dissipated almost immediately.

What is the difference between a crocodile and an alligator

By the way, did you know what is the difference between crocodile and alligator? Alligators live only in the southeastern part of the United States (this is just Louisiana and Florida) and a little in Asia (China). Crocodiles occupy Africa, South America and Australia.

The second difference is the habitats. Crocodiles do best in salt or brackish water, while alligators do best in fresh water. They also differ in appearance. Alligators have a blunt, U-shaped snout, while crocodilians have a V-shaped, sharp one.

Pearl River - the main place where they go with excursions. The place itself is amazingly cinematic, with a special atmosphere. The 2 hour tour flies by completely unnoticed.

Swimming near the shore, it’s not only Louisiana alligators that catch your eye.

When you see such a variety of dangerous snakes and spiders, you involuntarily wonder how people live here? And they live right on the river bank.

Swamp tour organizers have added another interesting move to their tour. At a certain moment, the boat swims into a small bay, and there they meet ... wild boars.

The animals apparently realized that you can get various goodies from tourists, and the guides added entertainment. Everyone wins.

Feeling the light meal, other inhabitants of swamps and rivers also came. And no, not alligators (which is rather strange).

If the question "Louisiana things to do interesting” did not find the answer, I highly recommend going to see the Alligators! All travel options here

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