Abandoned buildings in Loshitsky park

Loshitsa park - rightfully occupies a special place in the hearts of Minsk residents. Every millimeter, every corner Loshitsky park steeped in centuries of history. Manor "Loshitsa" after the reconstruction, rightfully added to the list of must-see attractions in Minsk. At the entrance to the park you can see abandoned buildings, which are often called Loshitsa ruins. In this article, we will figure out what it is and where they came from in the capital of Belarus.

In the 19th century, the territory of Loshitsky Park was in the possession of Stanislav Prushinsky, the royal adjutant general, who turned a small estate into a huge wealthy complex. The abandoned buildings in Loshitsa are mostly farm buildings of that period.

distillery loshitsa

One of the most interesting buildings is the former distillery in Loshitsalocated at: proezd Chizhevsky 10.

The building was erected at the end of the 19th century. With the advent of the Soviet authorities, the premises were rebuilt for housing, but later used for a variety of needs.

distillery in lošice
photo: Vyacheslav Dubin

abandoned in loshitsa park

Turning to the park itself, pay attention not only to the reconstructed manor, but also to other ruins in this place. Each remaining building has its own history.

Chapel-tomb of the Prushinskys

This Roman Catholic chapel in the name of the Nativity of Panna Mari was built at the end of the 18th century. Now, unfortunately, only one wall remains of the chapel.

chapel in Loshitsa park

Initially, the Prushinsky Chapel was an octagonal building, which housed the family crypt of a noble family. The 20th century severely walked through this place: the chapel exploded twice, was used as a warehouse and, as a result, was destroyed.

chapel in the pit

Ruins of a water mill in Lošice

One of the most popular places in Loshitsky Park - water Mill. The building was built in 1901. Despite the fact that it is now a cultural heritage, the ruins were really badly damaged by vandals.

In some places there are “school” inscriptions and the remains of the festivities of park visitors, but all this will not spoil the impressions of visiting this place. Looks really amazing!

Water tower next to the park

There is an object on Chizhevsky Street in Minsk that may be of interest to lovers of abandoned places - a water tower in Loshitsa. It is located near the exit to Loshitsky proezd.


As is often the case with similar properties in residential areas, the condition is far from ideal. The entrance to the tower is open, inside a lot of garbage and dirt. The staircase is divided into several flights.


Despite the fact that the park and the estate were reconstructed, Loshitsa ruins every year they fall into more and more decline, although they are interesting sights of the capital. See selection unusual excursions in Minsk.

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Lyubov Haytalieva
Lyubov Haytalieva
8 years ago

The ruins of the Chapel in Loshitsa Park is a very unusual Roman Catholic building. To our great sorrow, the park and estate complex has not fully survived to this day and has not left its original beauty. Legends about Loshitsa Park have existed since the eighteenth century. In the historical complex, people move away from the city anxiety - it is very quiet and calm here. In the park there is an opportunity to go fishing in the river flowing here. For those who want to go horseback riding, it is possible to ride horses. There are legends that there is a ghost in the Loshitsa park.
In the near future, the authorities promise to restore the entire complex.
This is a unique place both in the historical sense and in terms of relaxation of the soul.

Gennady Zelenenko
Gennady Zelenenko
8 years ago

It is strange why they do not want to restore this historical building, or it is of no value to the city. If I were in the position of the authorities, I would think, all the same, a memory that is worth protecting.

6 years ago

Do not worry. A couple more beer holidays. ruin your ruins and the question itself will disappear.

Green Light
Green Light
3 years ago

Was there recently, made a video on the topic: